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Saturday, September 29, 2007


My husband, Travis... We were friends in high school - but never dated. We reconnected after high school via mutual friends... and a year later we were married. We've "grown up" together.

Now 13 years, plenty of ups and downs, and three kids later, we are more "adult" than ever. As we've navigated some career hits and misses, Trav now sells cars (and I might say - is quite good at it), and I'm bound for nursing school. He loves to play softball, watch football (Go Hogs!), rap music, taking things apart, putting them back together, video games, weird science fiction TV shows - and a whole variety of other things that mostly annoy me. We are total opposites, and living proof that God has a sense of humor - but in a good way (at least most of the time).

This is my oldest. Amanda Grace, named after my sister, and we call her "Gracie". She'll be 5 in December. She started Pre-K last month, and is officially obessed with her impending 5th birthday!
She loves to create! Her primary interests these days include earning a "treasure box" prize at school, dressing up and ballet dancing in front of the mirror, cutting and gluing cards for people (no occasion needed), adventures of Barbie, coloring pictures, learning her ABC's, mermaids, Disney Princesses... and her hope to next summer go to the beach!

And here is Tessa. She's 2 1/2. A total mess, and our continous comic relief! So sweet - and such a stinker! She'll usually give a hug - but rarely any kisses. Her favorite things to do include twirling, coloring on the walls, splashing in the tub and jumping. And I do mean jumping - on the bed, on the furniture, in the hall, down from whatever chair she is sitting in, on the playground, in the bathtub, out of the car... you name it, she is jumping!
While's she's the more adventerous of my girls, with all the jumping and climbing... she is also almost always wearing a princess gown - sometimes a crown, but no hair bow!

And here is our little boy, Tanner. He's 6 months old... and pure joy. A sweet surprise! His favorite thing to do these days is roll across the floor, laugh, smile, watch whatever his sisters are doing, and to be held! My girls seem to have the two extremes of my personality (I fear the teen years), and so hopefully Tanner will cut me a break and be more laid back... we'll see.
Five years ago we probably would have been voted the couple least likely to have three children (let alone each of them two years apart), but here we are. Thank goodness God tends to ignore our plans...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something New....

Inspired by the joy that is my friend Jerusalem... I am going to blog. I have no idea what I'm doing, and certainly am in need of a lesson in how to go about managing this thing. I doubt many people will care, or will even read it, but it is for me - and that's enough.

I've decided to change my life, and begin a journey that will hopefully land me in a place of freedom. When I get there, I want to be able to look back at where I've been. So... here I go.