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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back In The Swing...

Well, I didn't mean to be away so long... but it's been crazy. There has been a lot to get in order the last couple of weeks, plus the "keeping up" that has gone on all summer finally caught up with me... but I'm pleased to announce - TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! We made it!

I feel overall we did okay this summer. I managed to keep my head above water with the job (and didn't miss my quota once) and the kids still got in plenty of swim and play time, etc (which was a group effort a lot of the time - THANK YOU, Aunt Mandy).

Of course, some days were better than others, and at times (probably too many) we did, indeed, take in way too much Disney Channel, Red Box movies, and pizza for dinner... but oh well. Some days we needed it! HA!

Gracie is in 1st grade today. Sniff... Sniff... She was bright eyed this AM, ready to hit the door in her new hot pink patton leather shoes, and the outfit she has had picked out for two weeks.

The first of August, we ordered new backpacks and lunch boxes... while Tessa wanted Ariel (all about the mermaids), Gracie said, "princesses are more for kindergartners," and she opted for a "Wizards of Waverly Place" backpack/lunch box. (Again, too much Disney Channel, and this is now her favorite show...).

And while Gracie was anxious to head out this morning... Tessa woke up twice last night, and did not take too kindly to her 6:30 AM wake up call this morning. Luckily, we managed a few smiles for pictures this morning...

Tessa is in Pre-K this year - full time. She's at this sweet little school where Gracie went too. We love it. However, they require the kids to a wear a uniform. You know navy/khaki skirt or pants, blue, yellow, or red shirt. This really cramps Tessa's style - she prefers a little more "flair" to her wardrobe.

So after lengthy negotiations, she agreed she would wear a blue skirt and yellow (which is her favorite color) shirt. I bought five... and if she wears only blue and yellow the rest of the year, I don't care! HA!

And while we discussed the uniform at length, and I even got it back out and showed it to her before bed, Tessa started crying as soon as we put it on her. And she cried all the way to school.... all the way down the hall.... and had to be carried into the classroom. She finally stopped when she was presented with a fabulous new name badge to wear. Bless her!

But they had a good first day. Gracie said her teacher was "the coolest", and she seemed nice (which thankfully, she did). And Tessa said "playing outside was fun," and she would go back tomorrow... So, first day - done! Success!

Gracie and Tessa started school today. However, Tanner's preschool doesn't start until after Labor Day... although, as you can see - he is ready!!

And the next two weeks will probably be the REAL challenge. That little boy of mine is SO BUSY! And bless his heart - he is really going to be missing Tessa, his superhero partner, and Gracie who always finds his trucks for him when he can't remember where he left them, and of course, who is also always on "diaper patrol" and is sure to let me know if anything smells amiss... HA!

And randomly in other news... on the EM:ME front -I haven't lost a freakin pound! NOTHING! It's my fault, of course. I've been to the gym, but the consistently eating "better/less" has had its hits and misses. Hopefully, the start of school will bring some much needed organization!! I have managed to not gain any weight... but I'm ready to move forward!

And on that note, deciding I needed a new challenge to motivate me - I signed up for... are you ready... wait for it... JAZZERCISE! HA! I was inspired by some Facebook interaction... and well, they were running a special, and the price was a great deal! So I decided to try, and of course, I talked Amanda into doing it too. HA! We've been to two classes this week... and it's fun. Although, I immediately remembered why Amanda was on the drill team... and I was in the choir! HA!

But anyway... Another summer.... gone too fast in some ways - and not fast enough in others! September will bring a whole new phase for me... and on this, the first day of school - as I heard it put today, it's "a bit sad... and a bit liberating." So true.... so true.