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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought For The Year...

Earlier this month, I received the traditional new year letter of a sweet and dear friend. Throughout the letter she wrote of her family's joys and heartaches of 2008, and what she called being brought "square in the face with the mystery of God's timing and will."

As I look to 2009 with anxious and hopeful anticipation towards all the things I'm praying God will provide, change, help me and Trav accomplish... many things that he will just "work out" in general, I was especially grateful and encouraged to have read my friend's thoughts... and wanted to pass them along.

She closed her letter by saying, "We pray this is a year when we learn to wait gracefully on God, as we recall all the blessings we already enjoy." That will most certainly be my prayer, dear friend. Thank you.

But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord.
I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me." (Micah 7:17)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Far.... So Good....

I walked into my room the other day to find Tanner (who had walked in only seconds before me) checking out the bedside lamp, using it as a drum.... If there is something there to be climbed on, he will do so.

Anyway... so just to update my earlier post - so far, so good! Two days of training at the new job, and everything looks good. No surprises and it's pretty much exactly what I expected. I've got the system down, and so now it will just be the learning process that involves remembering what each doctor likes and doesn't like, etc., etc.

The lady in charge of training wants me to work with her at the office again at least one day next week to work on some of the doctors we didn't get to these past two days. But hopefully after that they'll be ready to set me up at home.

The company seems good, the people nice, and the working arrangment (at least thus far) as presented. So, WOO HOO - NEW JOB! YEAH!!

SIDE NOTE: Let me also say that along with learning stuff at my new job these past two days, I was also reminded that I certainly do not envy those who must embark on that whole process of getting kids up, breakfast eaten, dressed, AND then themselves dressed and presentable, and have everyone out the door to where they need to be with all the things they need, before 9:00 AM (or earlier) on a daily basis.

Whew... how exhausting! And it was like my kids just knew something was different, so everyone was moving slower and didn't want to wake up (unlike most mornings where they're bouncing out of bed by 6:30). And on top of that everyone was being all "I don't wanna wear that shirt," and "Can I take my new baby pony to school today?" And of course, "Why don't we have any waffles?" Even Tanner turned his nose up to his usual favorite fruit bar and sat on the kitchen floor crying until I fixed him some oatmeal.

We survived with overall minimal issues, but it's safe to say there are several kinks to work out in our system before the time comes when we have to tackle that every morning... good grief!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To Work

So, here are a couple of pics from a birthday party last weekend of me and two of my major BFF's (the lovely Bridget and Kendra) for you to enjoy while I tell you that I'm starting a new job tomorrow! YEAH!

It's not a traditional job (so if you know me and are thinking back on my Wal-Mart venture - relax... this isn't that kind of gig). Tomorrow I start training with a local medical practice group to be one of their "as needed" transcriptionists - and it is home based!

The "PRN transcription team" (as they are called) will be me and three other people. All of their transcriptionists are home based, and because I'm technically extra and overflow help to their full-time people, I'm not required to work a certain shift. I can pick it up as much as I want, need to, or can throughout the day. Or so I've been told...

In the past, I've had a couple of medical transcription jobs that were presented in an equally lovely light, only to discover upon starting that things were actually a bit more, shall we say, complicated. So, I will be in their office training on their system tomorrow, and I'm praying I'll be set up ready to work in the next week, and that this will pan out to be as it was presented. Can you tell I'm a little jaded?

But seriously, I'm thrilled to have gotten the job. Since 2000 I've done a lot of "work at home" transcription for various entities and individuals. But I've never found the perfect arrangement where the work was steady. If it was, there has always been a glitch in there that made it sort of tricky.

My first medical transcription job was quite an adventure. My shift had to start at 5:00 AM - and I had a new baby. If I stopped typing long enough to change a diaper or even to go to the bathroom, the turn around time would get behind and my boss would panic.

My next one paid much better, and even had benefits, but because of how their work flow was handed out, you literally worked seven days a week to get enough work done to meet your required quota, AND there was a daily hour long (round trip) commute to pick up the work (nothing was digital). So... that only lasted a year.

There have been several odd jobs and projects in between, all of which were (and still are) a blessing. But I'm really hoping this will be something that will provide some steady money, within an arrangement that will work for me and my kids. We'll see...

So, I actually have to get all of us up, dressed and out the door tomorrow for me to be somewhere (not wearing pajamas) by 9:00. So on that note - Good Nite! And thank goodness they didn't want me there by 8:00!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser Sucks

Okay - forgive me, but I simply must complain about this!

In an effort to keep myself motivated on my own "working to finally lose that last 30 pounds" track, I decided to tune into the new season of The Biggest Loser. I have not watched the show consistently - just a few episodes here and there, but I knew a little bit about it, you know, familiar with Bob and Jillian, etc., etc. They claim this is their "biggest and best" season yet, but from what I saw - that show sucked! The producers should be ashamed of themselves.

They start off by introducing us to the contestants who are just completely elated to have made it on the show. I feel them... I know what they're thinking. They are thrilled to be getting this chance to finally get things under control. So after bringing them out to the ranch, excitement abounding, hopes soaring... they bring them to the gym. Only, guess what - no trainer for this first round (Bob and Jillian are not there), we want you to work out "on your own".

Well... this is where my eyebrows first started to raise. Clearly, these are not people who are going to know where to begin in the gym. I've been there... I know. And instead of giving them some guidance and encouragement right off the bat, they leave them there, alone, to feel their way around.... while all the time being watched, criticized, and openly mocked by Bob and Jillian who were watching via hidden camera. HOW RUDE! That was just dumb, and totally unnecessary.

The poor older man passed out afterwards and had to go to the hospital... maybe if they had been in there helping him instead of making fun of him from another room - that wouldn't have happened.

Anyway... after that, they did their challenge, etc., etc.... made it through the week and had their first weigh in. You thought one person would be eliminated, but instead (as a so-called twist), they sent nine people home. Each team below "the yellow line" had to send one member packing to "do this at home" with a catch being that if the team player who stayed at the ranch was still in the game after 30 days, they get to bring their partner back.

I thought it was horrible!! These people really need help, and were so excited to be getting it. They got them all excited with their hopes up, and making progress, and then just send them home? They didn't even get a chance. How disappointing! NOT NICE, NBC - NOT NICE AT ALL!

I suppose reality television isn't typically in the business of being nice or compassionate... but still... that's just wrong. I don't know if I'll keep watching or not... I'm already so annoyed. But if so, I'm pulling for this team - Kristin and Cathy - the purple team.

The daughter stayed and the mom left. The daughter (who is really needing to lose weight so she can start her family) just seemed so precious and is really trying to turn things around. I hope she wins... or at least gets to bring her mom back and they do well together.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Christmas... And On To 2009!

So, the most wonderful time of the year arrived at 7:00 AM Christmas morning (despite my lack of organization).

Gracie had wanted Barbie's "diamond castle" playset... but Santa did her one better (really because Santa waited too late and couldn't find one, and this other one was on sale), and so behold... the BARBIE DREAM HOUSE! Gracie's dolls couldn't be more pleased with their new residence, and Gracie is really enjoying shuffling them in and out as needed.

Tessa finally got to hold her beloved "Baby Ariel" doll that she has been wanting for at least three months. And Tanner (who didn't have a lot of specifics on his list this year) was thrilled with a Backyardigan guitar that he was not afraid to rock out on.

Then we moved on to an afternoon celebration at Nana and Papa's... with of course, more presents! These in particular were from Aunt Mandy (who is pretty much the only member of our family who really values the presentation of her gifts!).

And after our Christmas fun... and a long and busy week (especially for Trav), we said goodbye to 2008 and, as a nice switch, had dinner with adults, in a restaurant without a playground! Woo Hoo!! Thanks to Nana and Papa, we had an evening to ourselves and got to hang out with my sister, some old friends, and meet some new ones. It was great.

On the way home we decided to stop and ring in 2009 at Trav's favorite lunch spot where Jeru's sweet man (one of the many things he is known as) was playing a gig.

We have high hopes for 2009. There are several things on the list of stuff we're praying about and are excited for. Tessa and Tanner will turn 4 and 2 in the next few months, and Trav and I will be celebrating our "mid-thirties" in there somewhere too. Ouch!

We hope to finally move forward and find/settle into a new church family somewhere.... AND Lord willing, I will FINALLY be able to begin nursing school in July. There's a plan, and we'll really be praying all the pieces for that fall into place. And then of course, there is still the matter of that lingering 30 pounds too...

So out with the old... as they say... and hopefully on to bigger (or in my case, smaller) and better things! Happy New Year!