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Monday, September 22, 2008

That's Entertainment!

Since it’s the first official day of fall… I thought I’d get around to an update here. I’ve been away from my blog busy with sick kids, having a belated anniversary celebration (14 years!) with the Eagles (thanks, Dad) who were still getting it done on what Glenn Fry jokingly called “The Eagles, The Assisted Living Tour.” HA! And then, of course, I’ve been catching up on all that needed to be and hasn’t been done this summer (with several items still pending on that list). And now, finally, after being derailed by the writers’ strike and then waiting all summer, it is finally here – PREMIER WEEK!

Woo Hoo!! Those of you with children who, like myself, have both limited expendable funds and time, are rejoicing with me at the return of our long lost TV friends. After all, we depend on these beloved characters and shows to provide us with the only form of entertainment we can both afford and partake in without a sitter! God bless the DVR!!

I jump around with some shows and just watch enough to know what is going on occasionally… but I’m loyal to several. And in particular, I’m going to be giddy to see Dr. Derek Shepherd return, along with my favorite Hero, Peter Petrelli. I’m anxious to pick back up with Lipstick Jungle and Private Practice, and I might even manage to figure out what in the world is going on with Lost this season. I still watch ER, and am really enjoying the new 90201 (although, I don’t know how long that will last if they can’t seal the deal on bringing back Dylan for a few episodes).

Side Note: If you know me and you’re surprised I watch Heroes and Lost… well, remember I’m married to Travis. He watched those shows and I latched on as well so we’d have something to watch “together”. (I gave up hope on him ever caring about Grey’s Anatomy… although he does fake it for me occasionally).

So anyway… speaking of entertainment, Gracie also started her first official “extracurricular” activity this year and is taking dance lessons! I pushed swim lessons first, thinking she’d get more out of it… but the outfit and its accessories (in particular the skirt, shoes and hair bows) sealed the deal on her wanting dance lessons. So, oh well…

We decided not to put Tessa in lessons because we didn’t think she was ready. But it became obvious the night before Gracie’s lesson, this might be a problem. So I went out and spent $12 bucks on a leotard and tights for Tessa to wear the first day so she wouldn’t feel left out. I was without a sitter that morning and worried Tessa would scream the whole time that she wanted to take dance too. Luckily, when we arrived they told me she could “try a class” and see how she did. Great! Problem solved.

Gracie was next door with the five year olds, already “shuffle stepping” her little heart out, while Tessa attended the 3 to 4 year old class. She flitted and floated about the room, completely ignoring the teacher and his instruction, refusing to stand on her spot, or to even remotely partake in anything the other little girls were doing. After about 10 minutes of Tessa showing off her freestyle ballet moves around the room she walked up to the teacher and impatiently asked, “Hey… where is the music?”

So needless to say, we were right, and we’ll be putting off dance, and probably any other lessons, for Tessa until next year. I’m hoping she’ll want to do swimming...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So Long Summer...

Oh, No!!! Summer is over???

I don't know if the calendar says so, but to me the passing of Labor Day marks the end of summer. I was trying to explain that to Tessa yesterday (who didn't understand why the swimming pool would be closed), and she just kept saying, "No, I want summer to stay here."

We had a good summer with many ups and downs... but we made it, and did so much stuff! We went swimming... A LOT! Gracie joined the swim team, and got lots of ribbons... and learned to swim "floatie free".

Tessa perfected her spin jump off the diving board... and wants to "race with swimming" next year too!

Tanner developed a great love for the kiddie pool...

And luckily... Aunt Mandy came along to help chase him around a few times.

When we weren't swimming... we ate at our favorite restaurant (perhaps a little too often).

Or went to the park for a swing.

We stayed home and read books...

We played hide and seek...

And had snacks with friends...

And some days we just dressed up and danced around... all day.

Whew... I'm exhasuted! And on top of all that we accomplished abandoning Tessa's pacifier, and Tanner's bottle... Woo Hoo!! I tried to take a few pictures today... Tessa was in such a good mood, of course, until she saw the camera in my hand. Bless her!

Closing out what I feel has been my most challenging season as a mom since I became one... I am sort of sad to see it pass... my kids have grown up so much this summer, and it just goes by so fast! But on the other hand, I'm thrilled to be moving on and starting new things.

September looks a lot different for our family this year than it did last, for a variety of reasons, and I'm so very grateful for all of them. :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mother's Day Out!!

Tanner has his big day today... his first day of Mother's Day Out. He was too busy this morning to cooperate for pictures... of course, but I tried.

I finally got him to sit still long enough for a picture in the car... only to have him immediately remove his shoes (which he only just started wearing like two weeks ago...).

This will be his first "organized childcare" experience. He wasn't thrilled when I left, but... I watched out the window for about 10 minutes, and soon he was playing and having fun. The teacher in his class had Tessa when she was his age, and I was pregnant with him... she kept saying she couldn't believe that much time had passed. I know... oh, sigh....

I will miss his sweet face today... but for the first time, in what seems like a long, long time... I'm going to have ten whole hours a week all to myself! Happy... Joy!! Be advised long lost friends... I'll be calling you for lunch and adult conversations! HA!