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Thursday, November 5, 2009

So it's been one of those weeks.... Halloween came and went with lots of fun and WAY too much candy!

After discussing what their costume would be since June, deciding, changing their mind, and then changing it back... and weeks of wanting to wear the costumes, but having to save them for Halloween.... finally, we set out Halloween night as a "glamour" Witch (complete with broom), Batgirl (who had fabulous accessories), and Spiderman (who loved his hat)!

We trick or treated with the usual gang who heads to the Greers on Halloween. And it was great fun. Gracie has the trick or treat thing down pat, was running with the big kids, and probably could have taken on another couple of streets. Tessa and Tanner kept up okay, but were both exhausted by the time we finished with the loop...

It has been one of those weeks of struggling trying to get it all in... and luckily I pilfered threw the Halloween pumpkins right away and made sure all the Reese cups were gone (and by gone, I mean I ate them). HA! And once those were out of the way, I could refocus on the fact that I seriously want to lose at least 15 pounds in six weeks before I go on vacation!!

I've kicked the workouts up a notch... and am eating by the book, but have been struggling with wanting to "snack" at night some. It's hard... I like a little "treat" while I watch my shows. HA! But this week, I am officially 4 pounds away from a new "milestone" which would be getting below the "170" mark. So... fingers crossed.

And so I'll end this and get a head start on my first "grateful" post for November by saying I'm incredibly GRATEFUL that October is OVER! October is always a crappy month for us (for some reason), and 2009 was no exception! So... here's to November bringing good things... and hopefully one of them being the loss of that 15 pounds. I know it's a stretch... I'd settle for 10. HA!