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Monday, March 31, 2008

No Pets Allowed!

So it was Spring Break last week… as well as the last week of the month. So, between no school and Trav working every day, the kidos and I have had a lot of togetherness. With the 75 and 80 degree weather, our week included what turned out to be a delightful zoo adventure on Wednesday and a few trips to the park.

One afternoon at the park, there was a family there with a puppy - an adorable, fluffy little puppy. Gracie and Tessa loved the puppy. They petted it, played with it, held it, and were pretty high with "puppy fever" all the way home afterwards. Since we were also at the zoo that week, animals had been a recurring theme that day and so Gracie kept asking when we're going to get a puppy, and in the process reiterating her dismay over me "sending Mickey away".

Back Story: We used to have a dog. When we lived in Illinois Trav and I got a blonde cocker spaniel from a farm - Mickey. When we brought Mickey home, he too was an adorable, fluffy little puppy, and ever so precious - but that did not last. Mickey grew to be a gigantic cocker spaniel. He was stubborn and awful. He became extremely attached to Travis and had severe separation anxiety issues (we even tried to medicate him once). He barked ALL the time, and freaked out whenever anyone came over. Despite tons of money spent on preventing and treating them, he constantly had fleas, and would literally grab food off our plates while we tried to eat.

Over the 10 years we had him, I grew to literally hate that dog. And after Tessa was born, I just couldn't put up with him anymore, and finally... we gave him away. Now, we really did give him away. After weeks of begging Trav, I put an ad in the paper, and a very nice (and unsuspecting) couple came right off the bat to get him. I must say - I was beyond thrilled to see him go.

Gracie (who was 2 and a half and at the time and referred to Mickey as "Bad Dog") did not even notice when he left. It was months before she asked us about him. But when it finally came up (which was something like, "hey, what happened to our dog,") I told her that we just really couldn't take care of Mickey anymore and so we sent him where he would have lots of room to run, play, and bark. She never really bought it. I even once tried the old "I'm allergic" excuse... but she knew I just didn't like the dog.

So, while it comes and goes in spurts, Gracie gets on these "puppy" kicks. She'll sigh and in her best sad voice say, "I really miss Mickey, Momma." Or my favorite, "I sure wish I had a puppy like [insert the name of any number of children she knows]." I always smile and just tell her we just can't have a dog, and that some day when she's older and has her own place to live, she can get a dog if she really wants one. And while all you animal lovers are thinking I'm all terrible, let me just say I'm also serious! Dogs are fine as long as they don't live with me. No pets in my house again! Maybe a goldfish some day, if they're lucky.

The most recent "puppy kick", went on two days last week, and I had had enough! I finally told her we were not getting a puppy, and I didn't want her to ask me again! She reluctantly complied.

Now, one of Gracie's favorite things to do these days is just as I'm tucking her into bed, she begins to pepper me with questions - random questions about anything. She also likes to rehash her day and mention anything she's excited about or list any current grievances she may have - anything to stall the bedtime process. So last night after a whole list of "why's" were discussed, I was finally tucking her in and giving the good night kisses when in her sweetest voice she asked me this:

Gracie: Momma, how do puppies kiss??

Me: Well, I don't know. They probably rub noses or something. I'm not sure.

Gracie: Well, you know, if we had one, then you would know.

Sneaky, sneaky...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Serious Opinions!

As I click around to various blogs, I am increasingly aware of how my blog is all "fluff" as "pro-bloggers" would call it. You know, all stuff about my kids, my family, etc., etc. I have yet to blog my deep thoughts on life, politics, religion, etc., etc... Maybe some day, I will (and I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat).

But until then, there is something I feel quite strongly about at the moment and I simply must urge everyone else I know to see my point of view!!

BROOKE WHITE is my favorite this year on American Idol! I love her! She comes across so genuine and sweet. I love her voice and think she's just so talented.

Yes, I still watch American Idol... there's a chance I might not have been as into it this season, but the writers strike putting everything else I watched on hold left me getting sucked in - again!!

So, on a serious note: VOTE FOR BROOKE!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

More Birthday...

Yesterday we had Tanner's official 1st birthday celebration! Nana and Papa hooked him up with a cake, and so of course, it had the "golfer" theme, with Tanner's picture on it.

We gave him his piece, and he dove right in with both hands...

And loved it... chocolate, good...

And he had some ice cream to go with it.

And since it was also Easter, after our birthday festivities, there were eggs from the Easter Bunny to be hunted in the yard.

And so with that, Tanner was officially celebrated, and it was hard to believe a year had actually passed.

Thank God for little surprises... :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg... travaganza!

Gracie was out of school on Friday, and while Tanner was busy practing trying to walk and perfecting his whole "getting into everything" routine, we had our "traditional" egg dying event. I don't know what historical tradition or reason there is for why we dye eggs at Easter, but Gracie thinks we do because we leave cookies for Santa, and eggs for the Easter Bunny.

It was much messier this year than last.... Tessa was much more into dipping her egg in the dye this round, and Gracie wanted to do more decorating. Gracie thoughtfully selected each color for her eggs, and then carefully stirred and watched them to get them to the shade she wanted. Tessa chunked an egg in each cup, and immediately wanted to take it out and put it in another.

And through our different styles, Mommie learned that it was well worth that extra $2.50 for everyone to have their own set of "color cups" and egg tray.

Here they are showing off the finished project of artful eggs for the Easter Bunny after all of their hard work...

And then of course, they needed a snack. Gracie said the Easter Bunny probably wouldn't mind if she had just one of his eggs.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tanner Turns 1

Well, we won't have our "official" celebration until Sunday, but today Tanner turns a year old!!

Since the boy toys are a bit scarce around here, I bought him his own tool box. I think the girls actually liked it as much as he did.

And then his buddy, Drake, who turns a year next month, came by with a really cool gift for him too. A baseball toy!! Tanner (and of course, Daddy) were thrilled! After carefully reading the directions together...

They tried it out!

Good swing, Tanner!!

There's more to come. We'll have some birthday cake and stuff this weekend, but for now....

Happy Birthday to Tanner!!

We Love You!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Question Tag!

My friend, Anna, tagged me to answer her survey questions. She has two boys and a new baby on the way... and has one of my favorite blog titles ever, "Bugs and Sunshine." Her blog inspires me to try to just be more "joyful", which she always seems to be! So, Anna... here are your answers!

What is the one big goal you hope to accomplish this week? I hope to accomplish something this week - period.

Describe yourself using one word. Scattered.

What is the one saying or theme that you live by? Well.... I'd like to be all gushy and optimistic and say something like "Hope Floats" or "Live, Laugh, Love," "Enjoy the Little Things," yada, yada, yada.... and while I think all of those excellent sayings and thoughts... if we're talking "live by", then I would have to be a bit more practical and boring and go with something more like, "Save For A Rainy Day," or "Look Before You Leap," or one of my cynical favorites, "Be mindful that the toes you step on today, might be attached to the behind you have to kiss tomorrow!"

What is the one household item you cannot live without? Household... well, assuming this means things I would catagorize as "luxury items", that would be paper towels. Between the constant wiping of faces, of messes, and cleaning up germs, etc., etc., that goes on around here, we seem to go through a lot of them. No trees are being saved at our house! And of course, our DVR. I'd never get to watch TV without it.

If you had one chance to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Considering the fact I've never been out of this country, this is shallow, but at this point I'd pick one of those swanky, celebrity-only esque type of resorts for all the resting, pampering, beaching sitting, mixed drink sipping, someone waiting on me hand and foot I could stand (which would be at least two week's worth). But if I were picking an actual destination, I'd like to see Italy.

List the one person you admire the most. The one person.... and the most? Oh, too big... I just don't know. Personally, I would say my sister. I admire her for several reasons, but mostly her heart - it's just good. And randomly, I would have to say the Dixie Chicks. I know - old news, but I recently saw their documentary outlining their 2003 "incident," Shut Up And Sing, and very much admire them for standing their ground under so much criticism and drama. Side note: I think they're way fabulous, and I thought the whole uproar was just ridiculous!

What is one thing people may not know about you? My natural hair color...
Now, as a "welcome" to blogging, I'll tag my sweet friend, Kelly , to answer these sometime!

Monday, March 10, 2008

One Snowy Day...

After hours of the weather man threatening, canceling dinner plans, taking an insane trip to the grocery store, and Gracie sleeping with a spoon under her pillow and her PJ's on backwards and inside out.... Friday morning around 10:00, we finally saw snow out our front door.

The girls ventured out for what ended up being a brief play time in the snow... after about 20 minutes, they decided they were too wet and cold and had to go in!
But while we were out, we did the traditional "snow things". Tessa made a snow angel.

And then had a snow snack.

And of course, there was a sad little snow man, who was a bit scary because he had only a nose and no eyes!

Tanner stayed inside... it was too cold out, and he decided he was too busy learning to walk with his toy anyway.

Of course, in typical Arkansas fashion, it had all melted by the next day... but it was fun while it lasted.