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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mother's Day Out!!

Tanner has his big day today... his first day of Mother's Day Out. He was too busy this morning to cooperate for pictures... of course, but I tried.

I finally got him to sit still long enough for a picture in the car... only to have him immediately remove his shoes (which he only just started wearing like two weeks ago...).

This will be his first "organized childcare" experience. He wasn't thrilled when I left, but... I watched out the window for about 10 minutes, and soon he was playing and having fun. The teacher in his class had Tessa when she was his age, and I was pregnant with him... she kept saying she couldn't believe that much time had passed. I know... oh, sigh....

I will miss his sweet face today... but for the first time, in what seems like a long, long time... I'm going to have ten whole hours a week all to myself! Happy... Joy!! Be advised long lost friends... I'll be calling you for lunch and adult conversations! HA!

1 comment:

bugs and sunshine said...

my word tanner is a cutie pie and he is growing up so fast!