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Monday, November 24, 2008


This is Gracie’s official “Thanksgiving place mat” she brought home from school today. Tessa, of course, immediately wanted one… Gracie told her they could share on Thanksgiving, and could each eat on one side of the mat. Sweet big sister.

Following Jerusalem’s lead, I’m aspiring to have a week of blogging thankfulness. And topping the list today would have me very thankful for three healthy, happy children. We had a bit of a scare over the weekend. On Saturday, Tanner very quickly spiked a high fever and had a febrile seizure. Now, the National Institute for Neurological Disorders tells you that:

Approximately one in every 25 children will have at least one febrile seizure, and more than one-third of these children will have additional febrile seizures before they outgrow the tendency to have them. Febrile seizures usually occur in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years and are particularly common in toddlers. Although they can be frightening to parents, the vast majority of febrile seizures are harmless. Parents and caregivers should stay calm and carefully observe the child.

Now, Tanner is my third kid, and while my girls have never gone through this, I’ve read all about these, I know people whose kids have had them, etc., etc., and so I knew all about it. But… when it actually happens to your kid, you sort of forget what you know and your mind immediately soars to that all encompassing “what if” place that is just – awful.

I wasn’t there when the seizure happened. The kids were at Grandma’s, who I know must have been scared to death and immediately called 911, which is exactly what I would have done. And so after getting an ambulance ride from across town, Trav and I met up with Tanner in the ER at Children’s.

By the time Tanner got there, I knew he was okay. The paramedic had even talked to me on the phone while they were en route and told me he was doing much better and that it likely was just a febrile seizure, etc., etc. But… seeing them bring Tanner, who suddenly looked so tiny, in on that gigantic gurney through the ER doors with the oxygen and the gear… well, that was just totally startling.

After a couple of hours, some Tylenol and Motrin, a very complete exam, and some hospital apple juice, Tanner’s fever dropped quite a bit, and he was fine - back to his regular self… singing “Calliou”, throwing his pacifier and laughing hysterically, and of course, wanting down off the bed to walk around. We left the ER that night after discovering an ear infection to be the culprit of the fever, and were given the appropriate prescriptions, instructions, etc.

So, sigh of relief. Crisis averted. Thank you, Lord!

The entire incident, along with the image of Tanner being wheeled in on that gurney, was a reminder that whatever may or may not happen with our family, that as long as each of us was “okay” then our family would be as well. :-)


Tracy said...

oh my gosh...I cannot imagine your level of panic. I'm so glad to hear Tanner is doing well. Makes you want to hug your kids a little tighter!

Andrea said...

Holy Cow! I am so sorry that happened! Glad to know he is doing fine! Love you!

Lynn said...

Glad to hear all is well-that must have been scary. I will be praying that Tanner never has to go through that again!