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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January So Soon

So, we are back from Hawaii (which was beautiful and so fun - more blogging on that later). And of course, we have celebrated Christmas and New Year, and today it hardly seems possible that it has all flown by already. Not just the holiday season... but the year at large.

Here are some pics from our Christmas with Nana and Papa and Aunt Mandy... I hate to post without pics! HA!

2009... full of good things... and some bad. We had a lot of adjustments, new job, new schools, new chuch venture, new friends... and just as I thought that we had done all the adjusting we would need to do for a while... turns out there will be more in store for 2010. I anticipate that 2010 will be a year of holding my breath and hoping it all works out (much like many years before, only this time in my life at large, versus just our bank account). We have a lot to accomplish, on big and small scales. It will be interesting... and possibly a little scary.

And speaking of interesting and scary, I have taken some excellent advice, and to kick off 2010 I have put myself back on the nursing school track - complete with plans to actually finally go! This spring I will be taking the last pre-req class necessary for me to actually start. The program starts in July... and there are SEVERAL things that will need to fall into place in order for this to work out. Otherwise, I may have to opt for the three-year plan versus the two-year... but regardless, this time, I'M GOING!

Also in store sooner than later will be the drama of (for the last time) taking a pacifier away from a child. Tanner will be 3 in March, and like his sisters, loves the "Nah." He doesn't just like one - he likes two - one to hold in his hand, and one to stick in his mouth. Yes, yes, I know... we should have done it earlier... but well, I didn't... so there.

On top of that, we have Potty Training in store for us by spring. It went pretty smoothly with both of my girls, but I am also a firm believer in waiting until they are ready, versus deciding it is time because someone else tells you that it is. None of those people with all the opinions have to deal with the mess and the drama, and you do... I haven't trained a boy, and am wondering how much different it'll be... I see a Spiderman Potty Seat in our future.

And last, but not least (or sort of least), I am starting off the year at 163 pounds! That's right! I managed to get through my vacation AND the holidays without gaining back what I had lost and even losing a little more! I didn't "deprive" myself necessarily, but I made an effort, and was SO FREAKIN EXCITED to see that on the scale. My next goal is 155, which I'd like to see by my birthday, in 7 weeks. Truthfully, I hope to see 150 in 7 weeks, but I won't push it.

I have solicited the help of Gillian and her "OMG, hurts like hell - 30 Day Shred" video to assist me in the next phase. And I'm so excited about the new Biggest Loser starting up. They didn't waste any time did they? I was thrilled to see Danny win last season. He was my fav... and I was incredibly proud of Amanda, who I thought looked great - although her whiny attitude really got on my nerves. HA!

So Happy New Year, friends! I hope 2010 brings many blessings your way.


Lynn said...

Let me be the first to comment were and tell you how proud of you I am. First, the weight what a HUGE (HA) accomplishment. Seems as if when you feel lighter you can tackle the world. Which has lead you back to nursing school. That is great! You are kickin ass girl and you should be proud of yourself.

~~Mel~~ said...

Good luck with all your 2010 plans...we have much we also want to accomplish this year...some big things others (seemingly) small things. At any rate I hope it's a great year for all of us!

Great pics! Congrats on your weight loss (and being able to maintain over Christmas is a huge accomplishment!).

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