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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Forward!

Okay... so it has been a while...

About a week ago I got an email from my friend, Cindy, who I started the UAMS program with back in 2007.... the subject line was "fat again?". She said, "you've stopped blogging, I'm worried you're fat again!" HA!!!

Fortunately, I've just been behind, as usual... and haven't had the chance to collect enough thoughts to even put into a blog hardly at all this year... and it's almost May!

Here is a little bit of what's been going on...

Tessa turned 5 in February. Here she is blowing the candles out on her ice cream dish! She doesn't like cake, so we saved a few bucks and just had an "ice cream party". It really hurt for her to turn 5. It just doesn't seem possible that she'll be in kindergarten next year.

Tanner turned 3 in March... OUCH! As you can see, he is all about Spiderman and superheros at large. He's also a big fan of firetrucks and drums. HA! He finally has some hair, and those curls are SO CUTE I just cannot bear to cut them (sorry, Dad). I'll likely have to break down and get him a trim before summer... but not too much!

In between the two of them... Trav and I crossed over to the downward spiral to 40, turning 37 and 36... and aisde from the fact that it beats the alternative, neither one of us is happy about it!

And then of course, there was Easter... and for the first time in at least five years, we, meaning ALL FIVE OF US, together, dressed, and marginally on time, made it to church. And turns out, we may even go back!

In between all of that I have been taking Microbiology, which has left me completely grossed out, feeling the need to forever avoiding buffets (as if there aren't enough reasons to do that already), and an compulsive need to wash my hands even more than I already deemed necessary (which was quite a bit). Wash your hands, people... wash, wash! There's some gross stuff out there! HA!

And no, Cindy, not fat again. On the contrary, I made it to 155 the week after my birthday, and have STAYED THERE ever since! Woo Hoo! That's 65 pounds total if you're keeping track! And I wear a size 12... which hasn't been the case since sometime in the early '90's (I'm guessing).

AND if I might add... the last 25 pounds I lost ALL BY MYSELF! I mean, no weight watchers, no Jenny, no UAMS "meal replacements", no fad crazy diets, no Slim Fast... just me making better choices. Not that there is anything wrong with "programs," I mean, I've practically used them all... and lost my first 40 at UAMS... But for me, personally, it was so rewarding go into the "back nine" of the game here doing what I needed on my own. To feel my way through and figure out how it is I'm going to have to live to make this work for me over the long haul.

I can't say I've got it "all figured out", but I can say I'm getting there. It's still a weird feeling to me when I think about it... I look in the mirror sometimes and think, "I'm actually doing this... it's actually happening". Go figure!

And Thursday I'm doing something I haven't done in FOREVER... I'm taking some time (four days)... some quiet time! I'm even going all the way to the Colorado mountains to do it! HA! More on that when I get back....

And in the meantime, I'll leave you with an encouraging verse via my sweet sister, and a thought for the day... and one I'll be thinking on as I go.

"Now, faith is being sure of what we hope for,
and certain of what we do not see..."
Hebrews 11:1


Kiki said...

my godson has a head full of blond curls. they are fabulous. don't cut them!

Mark & Cherie said...

You and your family look great! Hope to see you soon in the work force or at the same emementary school. Have fun on your trip!
Cherie Hoffman

Lynn said...

Tracy and I are misssing the blogs....I wish I had not skipped the past couple of years!! Miss you girl.

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