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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whatever America!

So, Brooke, my favorite, was booted off Idol last night. Obviously, I'm bitter.

This was from the LA Times site:

No one can say that Brooke White did not bring something distinctive to the show; a compelling husky voice, competent performing skills, largely good taste in song picks and a breakthrough for the singer/songwriter category which has never previously had much luck in Idol. And in the Idoldome Wednesday night while there seemed to be a general sense that this was about the right time for her, there was also genuine affection and appreciation for what she brought to the stage.

It was not the right time for her to go. I knew she wouldn't win, but she certainly deserved to outlive Jason Castro, who after his last three weak and miserable performances just proves people under 16 shouldn't be allowed to vote!!

So to Brooke's critics, stop sipping your "hater-ade" (especially you, Steve) - I bet she gets a record deal! HA!

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