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Monday, May 19, 2008

Out to the ballgame...

We took our first family outing to an Arkansas Traveler's game Sunday. Of course, the kids were not really interested in the game (much to Trav's disappointment), but luckily, there was plenty of other things to do.

For instance, there was free ice cream on the way in. Score!

Tanner wanted some so badly... we couldn't resist giving him his own.

Gracie found $5 on the ground and used it to buy some cotton candy to go with the lemonade. Tessa is, of course, way too busy to acknowledge the camera!

And while we enjoyed the sunshine, there was plenty of room to walk around and play. (Don't worry - Tanner refused his hat, but wore plenty of sunscreen).

It was a beautiful day to be out and about. And the multi-million dollar ballpark is pretty fabulous... It was fun, but we didn't last the whole game. Once the kid area with the inflatable slides closed and the cotton candy was gone, we were all ready to go home! :-)

1 comment:

bugs & sunshine said...

that sounds so fun. the travs are so fun to watch at the new field! do ya'll sit on the grassy area when you go?