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Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Graduate

Gracie spent her last day in Pre-K yesterday. And so this morning, with school being officially out, our summer began.

Yes, our first "school year" has passed, and we have the certificate to prove it!! Gracie had such a great year at her Pre-K. She's just grown up so much this year... it's hard to believe.

Here she was on her first Pre-K day of school.

And here she is, a graduate, just having received her "Bachelor of Rhymes" degree from Mother Goose (a/k/a the principal) at her school.

We are so proud Gracie! She learned so much this year and has done so many things. We can only hope her kindergarten experience will be as good. However, proving once again she is my kid, when we asked her what her favorite part about school was this year, she said "listening to Hannah Montana in the music center." HA!

And so our summer begins.... we've even had our first trip to the pool! Gracie and Tessa (who was way too busy to stop for pictures) both headed for the diving board like they had just been there jumping off of it the day before...

And Tanner, who relishes in his bathtime, of course, immediately loved the kiddie pool.

I have an adventurous and wild bunch, and so I'm sure it'll be an action packed summer!!


bugs & sunshine said...

hey guess what! jonah wallace is my nephew. when i started reading about mother goose at the graduation i thought, hmmm, i wander if they could possibly be in the same class. then i saw his name next to hers!

where to you guys go swimming in the summer?

Erica said...

Oh, Gracie has grown up so much this last year! I'm glad I ran into you at the gym and our kids got to play together!