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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day To Play...

Big day yesterday for our girls... Trav had the day off, and with a few ticket hook ups from Aunt Mandy (a/k/a the best aunt EVER), we had a very full day of excitement!

We started at Magic Springs... and it was a perfect day for it - lots of sunshine, and crazy hot!!

Here is what we did all day... We like to never got Tessa off this water slide.

Gracie loved the slides too... but she was anxious to try swimming in the wave pool this time too. No matter what she was doing... she intended to be fully prepared to see underwater if needed with her goggles on!

After we managed to pull the girls away from the water slides... we arrived back in town just in time to make it to see the Backyardigans LIVE show! Woo Hoo! This was quite the dancing and singing, hooping and hollering event.

(Side note: If you're looking at Tessa's little red cheeks thinking I'm a horrible mother who forgot the sunscreen... I'm not! I must have have reapplied three times to her face... I can't believe those cheeks got so red!)

These days our sweet little Tanner is either running away from me, getting into something he shouldn't be, climbing on anything standing still, or looking up at me doing this...

So.... we missed him yesterday while he was hanging out with my mom (a/k/a the best Nana EVER) who took the day off to chase and hold him at home so we didn't have to all over Magic Springs. Bless her!

We had such a fun day!! And after taking in all the water slides and rockin the house with the Backyardigans... what we really needed after our day of play, was a day of rest.... but for me and Trav, that'll probably have to wait until school starts!!

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