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Monday, August 18, 2008

Today's The Day!

After waking up every day for the last three asking "Is today the day I start school," I was finally able to tell Gracie "Yes, today's the day!"

She was up at 6:30, holding the hair accessory she'd selected in one hand, and her new lunch box in the other, ready to head out to kindergarten. She'd seemed nervous a few weeks ago about starting, but today it was fair to say I was much more concerned about it than she was.

She bounced out the door, delighted to be going off to school, and especially to be wearing her new dress and shoes that Aunt Mandy bought for her.

Nothing changed after she arrived.... Trav said she never stopped smiling, and he had to coax her out of her seat for a hug!


Cuzzi said...

I know I see her everyday, but Gracie is one beautiful girl!!! Inside and out. Love you!!

Cuzzi said...

I am sure you know "cuzzi"... is Aunt Mandy (Steve set up this account when he was trash talking American Idol!)