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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, since I don’t post enough of him, here are a few pictures of our sweet little boy… I told someone yesterday he was 18 months, but it dawned on me today that he will be 20 months November 19th! As I tote the girls around to events, he is often left to hang out with Nana and Aunt Mandy simply because well… he’s just too busy!! Getting him to sit still long enough to do anything besides eat an Oreo is almost impossible.

We were at a party at The Jump Zone last week for a kid in Tessa’s class - and Tanner had more fun than any of them! He can conquer almost all the slides with ease. We did great until some bigger kids arrived making it impossible to let Tanner go through some of them for fear he’d be stepped all over. After an impressive fit, he was content in the toddler area for the last 15 minutes – finally!
Now, if you’re thinking I could have gone up the slides with him… well, you’re right, and I did - several times. But Tanner doesn’t want my help! As I try to hold on to him and assist him while we navigate through the inflated mazes to the slides, he gets very irritated and screams at me. He’s hit quite the independent streak in the last month and is pretty fearless.

In fact, Gracie and Tessa had bunk beds in their room, and in the last few months had opted to share the bottom bunk instead of sleeping separately. It’s a good thing… Gracie came into the kitchen one afternoon to tell me Tanner was on the top bunk. I causally walked in assuming he was just reaching for the top bunk because we had removed the ladder months ago… but oh, no. Tanner had scaled the side of the bunk beds and climbed into the top bunk where I found him in the “taking off position” with his toes at the edge ready to jump. So needless to say I had Trav immediately disassemble the bunk beds…

He is a wild one these days... but is truly precious, a very sweet little soul. And every now and then he’ll even stop long enough to give a squirmy hug… maybe even some slobbery kisses.

I’m hoping we make it through the end of the year with him still sleeping in his crib!

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Erica said...

Boys are so different, I think? I say with zero experience.