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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where We Are

I’ve been absent lately from “blog land”. A lot going on, and I haven’t had the time to sit down and process anything for my blog. So here are a few updates on where we’re at these days.

Inspired by friends, I started my blog just a little over a year ago to help chronicle “life” for us, and at the time to serve as a “journal” of sorts in my weight loss efforts. My goal had been to lose somewhere between 70 and 80 pounds, and by Christmas of last year, I had shed 40. The good news is I have kept off that 40 for ten months. The bad news is… I’m not finished and there are still at least 30 more to go.

At the ages my kids are (especially Tanner and the fact that the boy does not stop moving unless he is asleep), and with the hours Trav had to put in this summer, June through August was definitely my most challenging season as a mother thus far. And so I’m thrilled to have made it through with my marriage, my kids, and my weight loss still intact. As a wise friend once told me… "it’s all about progress." So keeping that in mind, I’m hoping to see more progress by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted.

As life in general goes… we are doing okay. Gracie is loving kindergarten and is doing great! She earns a “super citizen” treat every week for her good behavior and loves to do her homework (which I’m sure will not always be the case). Her school is very fine arts focused, and so along with her kindergarten stuff, she also gets to go to art, dance, drama, music, and is learning (sort of) how to play the violin. I went to her “costume ball” yesterday in her dance class, which is called “creative movement”.

There are few dull moments with Tessa. She is certainly blossoming this year into an all out preschooler! She goes to her preschool three days a week, and gets her speech therapy there two of those days. She is really making progress in her speech, and we’re understanding more and more of what she says. In fact, her favorite phrase these days, which is pretty much attached at the end of everything she says she is going to do is “all by myself.” Whatever Tessa is doing… she fully intends to do it all by herself!

Tanner is just pure joy… he is crazy sweet, insanely busy, an always anxious to keep up with whatever his sisters are doing. He says lots of words, and can tell you where his nose, ears, eyes, feet, and of course, his belly are – and always gives himself a round of applause with each correct response. HA! Six months out from turning two, he serves as a constant reminder that life is going by way too fast.

Trav’s had a very, very busy summer. He started his new job in June, and after two months of working essentially all day, every day, he even got a promotion! Woo Hoo! But… as you probably know, there is an economic crisis in our country that has affected many things… and most definitely, the car business. There’s lots of financial stress going around out there. Trav’s dealership is doing okay… but it’s a very “nervous” time in the car business, and I’m sure, in many others.

So… that’s us. There’s much to be grateful for, a lot to pray for, and many things we hope to accomplish. And as we head into the home stretch of the year… as that same wise friend would say, may we all “finish well”. :-)

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