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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slow And Steady Wins The Race...

As an update to my downsizing journey... since the beginning of the year, I have lost 8 more pounds.

Yes, yes... very exciting... but I'm a bit frustrated. The good news is that I have lost this eight pounds eating food - actual food, as opposed to the "meal replacements". Counting calories... and really changing what I eat. The bad news is it has taken me almost six weeks to lose that eight pounds - which is annoying!

When I started, I lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks. That pace was nice... and while I know it is not realistic to keep losing at that rate (unless you're on the Biggest Loser and can stay in the gym more than half the day), I was hoping to have added another 10 pounds to my total lost by the end of February... but oh well. On we go....

And while I was infuriated by it right off the bat (and it can still make me cringe), I have kept up with the Biggest Loser this season as a means of motivation (oh, how I wish they would start up a new season of Celebrity Fit Club). The show is interesting... there's a lot more drama than I anticipated. But I suppose there would be when at the end of the day it is a contest with money at stake.

But my favorite on there, Kristin, did get to bring her mom back and is doing great. She's lost 90 pounds in 9 weeks. Wow... I'd be happy to shed 10 in four. But I keep having to remind myself that at this point it is better to subscribe to a more "tortoise" way of thinking than that of the "hare," because as the story goes... "slow and steady wins the race." HA!

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Carolyn Bakalekos said...

Good for you! 8 more pounds is super! Lindsay has been struggling lately, but has finally started to drop again. Ya'll are both looking so foxy. Keep up the good work.