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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doing "The Best"

I know... again, the blog is being neglected! Unfortunately, so have a few other things these days, but I'm trying to do better! I have many things to "blog" about, but just haven't gotten to it... next month will be better.

I cannot believe this is the last week of April... and in just over a month summertime will have officially arrived. I'm looking forward to the summer - I usually do. But this one is going to be quite the new challenge, working with my kiddos literally underfoot.

My job is going well... it's gonna work - I'm grateful. But as I'm sure any mom who works knows, it can be pretty tricky some days... and emotionally and physically exhausting. As soon as I get up in the morning, I can literally hear the clock ticking in my head and feel myself running out of time. I've only got so many hours to get it all in... and as we all know, there is just never enough time.

Of course, on the bright side.... thank the Lord I work from home because if I had to add "look presentable and be on time daily" to my list... I'm thinking I'd be fired already. HA!

As I've gone about these last few weeks, I was glad to have checked in at an old friend's blog a while back (Janna) where while writing about being a mom in a portion of her post, she had written about "doing her best" and that ultimately, that's all we can do. She writes how "no one can do better than his/her best". I loved what she wrote, and decided to adopt her words and thoughts as my motto these days - and especially as I head into the summer.

As I go about my day and those inevitable moments of frustration arise when the laundry is piled high, everything in the house needs cleaned, dinner is probably going to be hot dogs or PB&J (again), Tanner is making the sad face (the one with the lip), Tessa needs me to help her find her pink high-heeled dress up shoes and listen to her sing, and Gracie wants help reading a book or writing a letter, and everybody needs more juice.... and all I can think about is how I've got to get at least four more hours in at that computer or I won't hit my quota and then the world, as we now know it, might absolutely fall apart...

It is then that I am going to stop and ask myself... "Am I doing my best?" And if the answer is yes... well then, so be it. That is all I can do.

Of course... the difficult and scary part of my saying, "yes, this is my best, and it is all I can do," is when it isn't enough. And let's face it - so often it isn't. And I worry that while I'm trying so hard some days to do everything... my three most important things may end up feeling lost in the shuffle.

Janna closed her post with these words:

For God is the only One capable of perfect love. May His perfect love drive out our fears of failing as a mother and free us all up to do the very best we can.

And that is most certainly my prayer these days... more to come. :-)


Jerusalem said...

Good post friend!

Lynn said...

The best you can certainly can vary from day to day. Your kids will be fine, this will help to keep them flexible. You should find a teenage girl to come and help you wear them out occasionally in the mornings this summer. And I learned the if your home the younger the better, they will play with the kids not just sit and stare at them and the younger they are the less you have to pay them.

Tracy said...

What a wonderful post. I find myself getting caught up on not enough time and then I realize I don't make the best of the time I do have. You are such a good mom and your kiddos are so lucky to have you.