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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Major Award

Well, I've been very busy these past few weeks - doing my best. And with the exception of this weekend where I took on an extra project in hopes to accumulate the money for some Hawaii tickets (yes, I said Hawaii - but more on that later), it has been going better.

But this blog is not about me... I'm posting today to give a belated MAJOR AWARD shout out on this Mother's Day to MY MOM!

Trav and I are big fans of "A Christmas Story" and joke often about receiving "a major award" around here, but in this case someone in our family did actually receive one... and it was my mother (a/k/a Nana).

This past week my mom was awarded Nurse Assistant of THE YEAR at the VA Hospital, for BOTH CAMPUSES. We are so incredibly proud of her!!

It's not a great picture... but here she is receiving her award at the ceremony last week.

My family attended the awards ceremony, and as we already knew, my mom is greatly loved and respected by her coworkers and patients, who gushed over her repeatedly. She works in restorative health and rehabilitation at the VA with dementia patients, and is just truly gifted at working with and caring for the elderly.

Mom's award included having her picture in the paper, which Gracie thought was really cool... and told her friends on Friday that her Nana was famous! HA!

So congratulations to Nana on your hard earned and much deserved recognition! Not to mention, wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


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