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Sunday, October 25, 2009

So I had not intended to be away so long. I wish I could be one of those people who “blogged for a living”. That’d be a fun job… HA!

Here are my sweeties putting on a parade in the living room… that coffee table is so versatile. I’ve seen it go from being a stage, to a baby bed, to a school table, dinner table, shop counter, row boat, and here a parade float (notice the inflatable cats decorating the edge) all in one day… who knew??

But anyway… so that gigantic and resounding THUD you probably heard a week or so ago was the sound of my fat ass falling off the wagon… several factors were involved (aside from generalized laziness). I mean, I think it rained here for like a week and a half straight, which sucks the “get up and go” right out of me, and between that and a few personal pity parties I was throwing – let’s just say… I ate too much.

So, “weigh-in Wednesday” didn’t happen… I didn’t wanna know. I’ve been so frustrated with myself these days. I’ve wondered sometimes if I ever will really “conquer” my habits so that they are no longer my “habits”, and permanently reel in my “addiction”. I want to be one of those people who craves dry lettuce and more miles on the treadmill. HA! Sometimes it seems just as I begin to think I’ve got this down, my wagon easily topples. The *distractions* have gotten the best of me lately. But... I intend to drag myself back atop the wagon this week and try again… and I will.

Of course, this week the “season of candy” begins, and after one event we already have an insane amount floating about! I will have to muster up some serious will power to focus while there are Reese cups everywhere! They are Tessa’s favorite… along with the Skittles, of course. Gracie seems most interested in the tootsie suckers and starbursts this round. And Tanner… well, he likes it all!

I don’t remember how much Halloween candy I collected as a kid… but last year my three brought in enough to celebrate on into New Year’s with. And that’s not counting all the jaw breaks, sour balls, blow pops, and questionable “gummy” stuff I threw out! Yikes!

I have like three blog posts I've already written... and so I'll have to catch up this week... I just read a blog from one of the ladies doing the EMME, where she referred to how long it's been since her "last confession". HA! I'm hoping next week I'll have a good report... and not a sad confession!