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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Back!

Okay - so I am waayyy behind on all I've been needing to do - blogging is just one of them. And alas... here it is already - the LAST day of September. What??

So, I have not abandoned my EMME extravaganza. The hostess did get pregnant (and congrats to you, Amber), but I believe she is still hosting. However, I've been so busy keeping all the plates spinning this month, I haven't had a chance to actually check. But, I will...

In the meantime, THE BIGGEST LOSER is back! And I love that show! Last season was my first season to watch it - and originally, I didn't love it. I thought they were mean (and sometimes I think they still are), but I have developed an appreciation for it. Taking the whole "game" aspect out of it, it's a very motivational show and the constestants accomplish some great things. Thus far, this season I'm pulling for Abby. And of course, Shay...

So, on the Biggest Loser schedule, since the show comes on Tuesday nights, and I will not have a chance to watch it ever until Wednesday night - I'm having my own "Weigh In Wednesday". I started two weeks ago at 179 (still), and this week was 176. Woo Hoo!! Maybe I'll accomplish something by the end of the year and the Biggest Loser finale.

Random Updates:
I have been doing the Jazzercise (although, not as much as I would like). And it's not easy. It has been a good eye-opening experience into how much I still need to accomplish - for sure!

We're doing well... I think we're finally in the swing of the "school schedule". Gracie and Tanner are doing great - loving it. And Tessa is much better. She still complains daily about her uniform, but I did come across some Strawberry Shortcake headbands at Target last week, which matched the shoes she picked out. And she loves them! Having some accessories she is pleased with has helped ease the pain of having to put on the dreaded uniform each morning... at least a little. HA!

And we have officially committed to a new church - and are actually attending it as well. HA!

We're praying the fall is off to many great beginnings.... we'll see. And hopefully next month I can be more organized and back to more blogging. Thanks, friends, for all your sweet comments!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Thanks for the congrats!! Yes, I am still hosting. Gotta keep myself motivated. :)

That is SO awesome on the weight loss!! Congrats!!

My daughter would just die if she had to wear a uniform. I'm so sorry about that. :(

~~Mel~~ said...

You seem to have had a fantastic start to fall!

I'm watching the biggest loser this season for the first time and I love it.