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Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Beginnings

I so aspire to blog... I really do. I occasionally have the chance to read others and am always so impressed not always by the blog itself or what they wrote, but that they were organized enough to find time to do it!

We are entering a "new beginning" so to speak... a "regrouping season" as we are calling it around here, and on the priority list is "finding time"... or in reality "making time". Not just time to blog, but to do so many things I aspire towards and never do. *Sigh*

So, as a quick catch up.... Since I last posted, I have been to Colorado and back. It was beautiful... so much fun... and SO COLD! A great trip with some sweet and beautiful friends! I'll have to make a whole blog post just on that.

And then last month, we moved. A series of events made it abundantly clear that it was time to move on, and luckily, we were able to. Like I said, we are "regrouping" at the moment - trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B... we have a plan... now if only God will jump on board, that'd be great. HA! We'll see... It's been a good summer so far. Lots of adjustments, and more to come, but we're managing, and in the meantime partaking of the swimming pool whenever possible!

And I am starting a "new beginning" with my "fitness". I've been at 155 since my birthday, and last month I made it to 152... and I'm pretty sure I could get to 145 and re-evaluate after that if 140 is attainable (and maintainable). So, I am running... like actually running, without anyone chasing me with a knife, and for longer than 30 seconds. It's amazing what you can do when you try. HA!

Long story, short - last year my sister read a book (more on that later) and decided she would start running. And... she did. My dad already ran at least a few times week, but once my sister came onboard, she decided everyone could kick it up a notch (my dad was so pleased)... and she and BOTH my parents would run a half marathon together... and they did. And did GREAT!!

They spent months training for it... and by the time it got here, my sister had completely shrank! I mean, tiny... So in the spirit of "challenging myself" and "trying new things," plus, the hope that this will be what helps take off this last 10 pounds... my running shoes are laced and ready! And fortunately, I have my favorite cheerleader helping me out! Bless her!

"The miracle isn't that I finished.
The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
John Bingham


~~Mel~~ said...

So proud of you for taking up running...I need some motivation to get on the exercise train!

Lynn said...

You are looking so happy, running agrees with you. Your family seems so great!! Miss you, lets get together soon.

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Yang Kuo said...

You are looking so happy, running agrees with you. Your family seems so great!! Miss you, lets get together soon.


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