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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Comfort And Joy...

The other night we watched "Deck The Halls". Cute movie. Danny Devito, Matthew Broderick - pretty funny in that hokey Christmas sort of way. In the movie, Matthew Broderick's character is obsessed with his Christmas "traditions" and making sure that all of the required holiday family moments and activities are checked off of his list. Of course, as with any good holiday movie, in the end, he learns how the moments that really matter are the non-manufactured, off the list, unplanned, spontaneous little things that just happen and how being really "present" in those moments is what really makes your "memories". I agree.

I myself am often guilty of aspiring to "plan the perfect" whatever... but of course, fall quite short. Someone is tired and needs a nap, someone needs a new diaper, someone won't get dressed, someone is throwing a fit... and of course, we're always running late! You name it - something is always popping up that causes a veering from the plan. But, oh well... Praise God that so often it's the imperfections in things that can make them so grand - and may he continue to remind me of that when I forget.

And speaking of grand imperfections... here are Gracie's and Tessa's traditional batch of Christmas cookies for Santa. Last year I wimped out and used the ready-cut Pilsbury, but this year I braved an actual recipe and did the whole sha-bang!! It was a big mess, but lots of fun.

As you can see, the girls are big fans of the "sprinkles"!

Daddy helped in the decorating! Yes... I know, again, here is Tessa with no clothes!

Tanner watched from his swing... which sadly, he is about to outgrow! He's 19 pounds now!

So however you're spending this holiday, may it be perfect for you - and full of sponatenous and messy imperfections to make it even better!

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Jerusalem said...

Merry Christmas dear friend! Hope you have lots of fun with your kiddos and family! Love ya!