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Friday, December 28, 2007

On Christmas Day In The Morning...

Well, Santa has come and gone. Here is what Gracie and Tessa awoke to find Christmas morning.

Gracie was next to my bed at 6:45 sharp Christmas morning, and while it about killed her she managed to wait 10 minutes until Nana and Pa Pa pulled in the driveway! Here are some pics of the kids with their stuff.

A few years back Gracie got some old dance costumes and among them was a blue ballet dress. The dress has been the prize possession in our dress up clothes collection, and has endured many spills, washings, and being pulled at several times in an argument over who's turn it was to have it. So needless to say, Santa was kind enough to bring some new ballet dresses - one for each of the girls. Tessa put hers on immediately... and began singing for us with her new microphone that Santa left in their stockings.

Here is Gracie with her new laptop toy (Tessa got one too). Earlier this year, my sister got a new laptop, and there was lots of discussion about "laptops" and she brings it over sometimes and has let me use it a couple of times for school. Gracie began playing with an old book end and calling it her "laptop" telling us she was very busy with "work".

Then at a random encounter at the mall with Santa (it was two weeks before Thanksgiving), she told him she wanted a "laptop" for Christmas. We laughed, and Santa told Gracie he'd see what he could do, but then looked at me and Trav like we were clearly the most ridiculous parents in the world. Oh well... luckily, Gracie doesn't know the difference between a real laptop and this v-tech toy one. She loves it...

Here is Trav opening his new "gaming rocker". He really needed it, of course, because the TV is high up, and he has to lean against the hard table to play his X-box. HA!

Trav is worse than a kid when it comes to gifts! I got this for him on Black Friday (a great deal - only $30), and Amanda has been hiding it at her house since. She brought it over (and even wrapped it for me - bless her) on Sunday before Christmas, and Trav practically kept circling the box for two days! As you can see, the wrapping paper was still attached while he's cutting the box open to get it out.

I typically mock Trav's "X-box" addiction, along with all of its accessories... but I have to admit the chair was pretty cool, and I could see where it "made the game better". HA!

Even Pa Pa had to try it out!! HA!

Our sweet little Tanner slept through most of Christmas morning, and pretty much most of Christmas afternoon at Nana and Pa Pa's.... but Santa did not forget about him! Since both girls got one, Tanner got a laptop too - just his size!

Christmas was not too shabby for mommie either... Trav won the "fantasy football" league at work, and used his winnings to upgrade my IPOD to the "bigger and better" i-touch version. Watching my Bon Jovi videos at the gym will be even better now! HA!

After our busy day of present opening and Christmas dinner eating, Trav spent the rest of the evening like this. Via a family effort on my part, my sister's, and my parents, he got all the necessary elements to hook his beloved X-box up to the internet so he can play online... it was probably a mistake on my part as his addiction (which hasn't been too bad) might now take on a whole new level!!

And finally, me and Aunt Mandy snuck off to a movie. I guess I haven't done the Christmas movie thing in a while... it was packed - crazy packed! After hiking like a mile or so from where we had to park - we managed to get in and saw P.S. I Love You. Really good... really sad... really sweet.

So a grand holiday was had by all! I hope yours was too!!

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