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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Friends.... Good Times...

Tessa wasn't the only birthday girl last weekend. My sweet and dear friend, Kendra turned 40 on Saturday. And yes, I know, she doesn't look anywhere near 40.

I've known Kendra almost 10 years... and she's one of those unique and rare friends where it doesn't really matter how many miles away they get or how long it's been, when you see them again, you're just picking back up right where you left off. Such a gift.

We spent a grand (and kid free) evening that started out with pedicures and makeovers at the spa, and then on to a fabulous Italian dinner. Few people can make me laugh like Kendra... and I was so excited to get to celebrate her 40th with her!

All the festivities were courtsey of Kendra's hubby, who is getting some major gold stars for organzing the evening. It wasn't my birthday, but it felt like it!!


Bugs&Sunshine said...

Wow, her husband is a good man! Sounds like ya'll had a blast!!

Jerusalem said...

Oh what fun! Y'all look soo cute! I cannot believe she is 40! Where has the time flown?