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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tessa Turns Three!

Our baby girl, Tessa Renee, turned 3 on Friday.

We celebrated Saturday with family, and invited our good friend, Cori, over for a visit to The Wonder Place, and of course, presents, cake, and ice cream! Here are a few pictures from Tessa's big day!

Lots of stuff to do at The Wonder Place...

Gracie is getting ready to put on a show at The Wonder Place with several fellow castmates...

Time for presents! Tessa got a new ride courtsey of Nana and Papa, and a new Cinderella gown from Aunt Mandy (which Tessa and I were equally grateful for... she wore her old one daily, and it had really seen better days at the ball).

Time for cake! A princess cake, of course... Tessa gushed like a princess and just couldn't stop smiling while we sang happy birthday to her!

Make a wish!!!

It's your cake... stick your finger in it if you want to!


Tessa had a great day!! And she's very anxious to try that bike out this afternoon... hopefully she'll agree to ride without her new dress!!

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