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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brooke Lives!

Since I have nothing else to blog about today, let me give a big shout out to Brooke! That's right, my favorite has made it to the AI top five, and despite "no love from the haters" (and I mean you, Steve), she has, once again, been "safe"!

While "Performing 101" may tell you to keep going no matter what, I admired Brooke's courage for starting over this week... especially because you know she had to realize she was going to get slammed for it. Simon and Randy were right - it was her best option. And so what... yes, it wasn't her best performance - but none of them were really great this week.

And for the record, where in the world does Paula Abdul (who my utter disdain for has now reached the same level as that which I have for Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Paris Hilton) get off being so upset and saying to Brooke "You must never start and stop". Of course, that would certainly never be a problem for Paula since I'm sure whenever she "sings live" she's got a VOCAL TRACK backing her performance!

Long ago, back in the "Straight Up" era I was all about "Forever Your Girl," and loved Ms. Abdul along with her music and dancing. But these days she just acts like an idiot and seems literally high 90 percent of the time... I think she's "drinking like there's no tomorrow."

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Cuzzi said...

Steve just spent 20 minutes writing his reply to you for me to post. And I accidently deleted. So funny.... I can't wait to tell him!