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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Operator, there's an alligator in my kitchen!"

Again, with my "odd news" addiction, I couldn't help but notice this one (which most people probably saw because the lady was on the Today show).

A Florida woman found an 8-foot long alligator prowling in her kitchen late Monday night, authorities said. Ms. Frosti called 911 after finding the alligator in the kitchen while she was investigating the source of some strange noises. “I heard a noise from the kitchen and it was much too loud to be my cat, so I went to check it out,” Ms Frosti said. "Much to my surprise, a very large alligator was in my kitchen.”

A recording of Ms Frosti's phone call to emergency services number 911 has since become an internet hit. Ms. Frosti called from a phone in her bedroom, but the disbelieving operator asked if the reptile in her kitchen was actually an iguana. “Oh-no, no, no, no, no,” Ms Frosti told the operator.

An iguana?? Who mistakes an iguana for an alligator??

Tiny Iguana.

Gigantic Alligator.

Big difference.

According to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the alligator pushed a screen door to the house open and walked into Ms Frosti’s living room. It then walked down a hallway before reaching the kitchen. Ms. Frosti said there were indications that her cat’s life might have been at risk.

"Might have been at risk," you think?? I'm thinking her cat is long gone...

This particuarly caught my attention as I have a major alligator phobia! I saw this really dumb movie years (and years) ago about a killer alligator, and in one part this poor kid gets tossed into the pool where the alligator is hanging out. I've hated them ever since... I don't even like to go near their cage at the zoo, and I wouldn't let Gracie even get near a baby one they had for "petting" at museum exhibit once.

I love how this lady finds the alligator in her kitchen and then goes into the bedroom to make her 911 call. While I suppose I couldn't say for sure, I feel fairly certain that upon finding an alligator anywhere in my home I would have left the house, you know, immediately (probably running in a hysterical state), and called 911 from the neighbors!!


Melanie S said...

LOL! That store is hilairous...as well as your side notes on it.

Melanie S said...

I meant "storie". It's been a long day.

Great blog!

Melanie S said...

OK...it's STORY...great "STORY". Geesh. I'm leaving now.
If I get it wrong this time it'll have to stay, LOL!