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Friday, April 18, 2008

Lost Highway...

Big week for me! I took a break from my usual glamorous routine and ventured to Dallas to see my favorite rock star, and imaginary boyfriend for the last 18 or so years... Yes, Bon Jovi pulled into Dallas Monday night, and me and my sister were there to see them in all of their "Blaze of Glory"! HA!

I'm just a big goofy Jon Bon Jovi fan - I can't help it! And on my 4th time to see them in concert, I finally got out of the rafters! My fan club seats paid off and landed us in the 14th row - aisle seat, towards the middle, on the "Richie side" of the stage! VERY CLOSE, and quite exciting!! Jon Bon Jovi's smile is every bit as "dazzling" in person as on TV.

My camera is not super fabulous, but some of my pictures did turn out okay and you can get the idea of how close we were! I had to lighten some of them up so we sort of look a bit discolored. That's the stage behind us!

Giving us double joy (especially for Amanda), Daughtry was the opener for Bon Jovi, who was awesome - and his guitar player is such a hottie! HA!

In addition to the Bon Jovi/Daughtry eye candy, as a bonus, the "people watching" was very entertaining. The cleavage was quite abundant as I've never seen so many woman over 40 sporting low cut halter tops all in one place! Amanda and I were the median age in the Bon Jovi concert crowd. There were plenty younger than us, but I'd say the majority were older. The couple right in front of us were well into their 50's and were quite unafraid to break out their groove thing several times.

Here's Richie singing "I'll Be There For You," which he dedicated to the fans for "being there for him" throughout these last few years of divorce, tabloid love triangles, and DUI's... bless him. It must be rough being a "sidekick rockstar". While he was doing that, Jon stepped out to put on a clean shirt and wipe all the sweat off (such a gentleman - Ha!) before coming back out (and as usual) pulling a girl up on stage to dance with! And in my only disappointment of the evening, it was not me... boo hoo!!

But aside from not getting to dance with Jon, it was such a great show, and he did manage to sing all my favorite songs! But after two hours and four encore songs, Jon and the boys loaded up and headed for Oklahoma City... sniff, sniff. And I won't see them again until the next album... hopefully! So after our "rockin good time" we headed back to Little Rock with no voice left, a ringing in our ears, and "Wanted Dead or Alive" playing in our hearts! HA!


The Booys said...

Very cool. Could I please come with you to your next concert? I may not be the biggest fan, but I would love to see you in that environment-- Rockin' to your "man." So much fun! Love ya, Kelly

You guys looked great!!!

bugs & sunshine said...

You have GOT to be kidding! We were supposed to get married, I didn't know if you knew or not. Things didn't work out. Me being in 6th grade and all at the time. Do you know the song Silent Night? Can't remember which album it was on, but I love that song! In the late 80's my friend got to go see him and Skid Row (this Baptist girl had to stay home), he came out over the crowd on a zip line. Man, I have to go now, all these unresolved bitterness issues are coming up again :) haha!

Sounds like you had a great trip! I bet the break was nice!

team larsen said...

Being the kind of friend that I am...I refuse to comment on your "BON JOVI" issues. But I will comment on how awesome you look in that pic with Amanda! Rock on!!!

Tracy said...

I'll have you know that one of the things I have remembered most about you was your love of Bon Jovi?!?! Anytime I've thought about you over the past 16 years Bon Jovi has come to mind. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! Feel free to stay at my house next time you venture to Dallas!