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Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Flowers?

Anyone else sick of the rain?? I'm thinking we've seen maybe three days of "scattered sunshine" among what feels like a month now of rain!

I had so been so been looking forward to this weekend... even though Trav has to work (heaven forbid car dealerships acknowledge a holiday other than Thanksgiving or Christmas), I was hoping to enjoy some fun outdoor time with the kids. The pool is opening and Riverfest is in town. But oh, no... I woke this morning to thunder, and by now it's pouring - AGAIN!

I cannot believe though that May is almost over... I looked at my blog yesterday and then the calendar and couldn't believe where the month had gone. Tanner had his last week of MDO last week, Tessa's preschool is done after this week, and Gracie will leave kindergarten behind the week after that.

As the school year has progressed, our walls have become covered with artwork, crafts, and various other "homework" projects as they occurred. I realize the typical place for these is on the fridge, but our fridge is already covered in pictures... and half of them are too big to fit anyway.

So one day when Gracie had a piece of artwork she was particularly proud of, she picked up the scotch tape and stuck it to the wall in the kitchen... I'm sure I had intended to take it down after a few days, but... I never did. So as the year went on, here is what the walls and cabinets of our kitchen ultimately turned in to.

These ones were part of my mother's day gifts, and they're by my computer... Gracie taped them there so I could "enjoy them while I worked" she said.

On some random side notes for those of you who care...

American Idol: Woo Hoo for Kris Allen!! I could not stop smiling watching him win AI last week. I literally beamed with pride as if I knew him. HA! I liked Adam too... well, sort of - but Kris was clearly the whole package. I hope his future is very, very bright.

And then there was the Biggest Loser. After initially thinking the show was terrible and mean... I hung in with it the whole season 7, and became a fan. I mean, I still think some of their antics are not necessary, and sort of cruel... but I get it - it's a game too. I cannot believe that Helen pulled that out win. I had her counted out by week two... and over the season, she was NOT my favorite. I wish Kristin had prevailed... but on well. She did good anyway, 167 pounds worth of good.

And speaking of being the Biggest Loser, I'm joining up with a new blog, that of Amber Filkins, which I discovered via my friend, Lynn. Anyway - Amber has a themed "Extreme Makeover - Me Edition" that I'm going to join the posting on, in hopes to continue to stay motivated... well, I am motivated, it's consistency that is my issue.

I've been struggling to find the "balance" these days... and I've had some set backs. I gained three pounds back of the 8 I lost between January and February, but it could have been worse. While trying trying to get "work" figured out, and all that involves, I've been doing extremes... eating whatever I want one week, and eating nothing but boiled chicken the next week. It's not good.

So anyway... there will be more to come on that. In the meantime... I'm hoping all of this rain means lots of sunshine in June. Although, I don't know if it has occurred to anyone else, but apparently bathing suit season starts, like, TOMORROW! Good grief...

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

I really liked Kristen too. She looks amazing these days! So cute. She and Mike were always my top 2 faves. I just can't believe Helen pulled through for the win. That week she let her daughter go home is when she lost my vote.