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Monday, June 1, 2009

It Has Begun

So it has arrived... or at least it will "officially" as of Friday. SUMMER!

We had our 2009 inaugural visit to the pool this past weekend. Tessa put her swimsuit on first thing that morning and impatiently waited for time to go! I was anxious to see how Tanner would do... and as expected... he "dove right in". Gracie was eager to show me that even though it's been several months - she could still swim "floatie free".

It was a big day... as we also had a visitor to our house this weekend who has not been here before... THE TOOTH FAIRY! After we got home, Gracie came running down the hall with her hand cupping her mouth saying her tooth had fallen out when she bit into one of her "gummy straws". I was alarmed at first... and then realized that was supposed to happen! HA! She hadn't mentioned her tooth being loose... so I wasn't expecting it.

The tooth, however, was missing... and I was afraid she had swallowed it. But luckily, Aunt Mandy did a search and rescue mission in the alleged area where the tooth fell out... and it was recovered!

Gracie quickly busied herself writing a letter to the tooth fairy to make her aware of what kind of figures she had in mind as to what her tooth was worth (which also included a request to please leave something for Tessa too...). And then 24 hours, and $5.00 later...she was very excited to have her "her own money" and was anxious to learn what items might be in her "price range" at Wal-Mart.

And then after our busy weekend - we kicked off the week with the Kindergarten graduation this morning... sniff... sniff... Gracie received an Academic Excellence and Outstanding Behavior Award.

I don't know how this happened, but Gracie will officially be a 1st Grader next year. Although... I'm not sure where. I've grown increasingly concerned with various aspects of Gracie's school. So... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some better options will present themselves soon.

But in the meantime... we're going to enjoy the summer... and try not to go crazy in the process! I'll keep you posted. :-)


Lynn said...

I guess I missed a Gracie growth spurt-she is losing that baby look and starting to look more like a big kid. She is beautiful, just like her momma,

The Merediths said...

A FIRST GRADER???? Tricia, girl, you enjoy that pool this summer. Hope you guys enjoy your first summer days off!