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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Come Monday...

Okay – so I think I mentioned a while ago that I planned to jump in with this blog support group. My friend, Lynn, is participating, and so I think I’ll give it shot.

And so here, I’m jumping. Amber Filkins is the host of this group, and I really like her blog. She calls this group the “Extreme Makover, Me Edition”, and posts a question each week on her blog for you to answer on your blog, along with an update of how you’re doing, etc., etc. Here is this weeks’ question (or maybe it was last week’s question… but either way).

"Who is your biggest supporter/motivator in your weight loss? Do you have anyone around you that tries to sabotage you by “talking” you in to eating the not so good stuff?"

I can’t say that I have anyone who looks to “sabotage” me - at least no one I know of. And that is helpful. I’m really lucky that I work from home where I don’t have to manage the “out to lunch” stuff, or free doughnuts, or that person in every office who drags in baked good once a week!

My biggest support… hum… well, in my ongoing weight loss goals, I have been very well “supported” to say the least.

When I started my UAMS program in 2007, my parents were always encouraging, and both Trav and Amanda provided a great deal of help along the way. Trav didn’t bring home Taco Bell…. he either ate salad or away from home, and Amanda wasn’t inviting me to lunch or dinner either.

My friends even volunteered to “suspend” dinners at our get-togethers in order to keep me on track. And everyone was always anxiously awaiting my weekly updates on how things were going. I never felt like anyone was waiting for me to fail or running along beside me offering fries. Most people in my life knew this was a "moment" for me... and it needed to work.

God bless Trav... very encouraging and eager to help. Never pushy or scolding. No obnoxious “are you gonna eat that” or “did you go the gym today” remarks. And most importantly, he never argued or gave me any grief along the lines of “this better work” or extra pressure when I told him I wanted to shell out a small fortune for the UAMS program.

Day to day I am fortunate in that he does not really care that much about food. He’s more the “eat to live” variety versus my “live to eat”. HA! He does love Mexican food and a good steak every now and then… but overall, whatever is quick and convenient for him is fine. He has always had that “good metabolism” thing going for him, coupled by being relatively active his whole life… although as we’ve gotten older, he’s beginning to realize that he might have to trade in some of those tacos for a few more salads – even when I’m not around. HA!

But at this point, my sister is for sure my biggest encourager though. Amanda and I take after opposite sides of our family, both of which have “weight issues”. And by that I don’t mean a family full of fat people. I mean families where “weight” was an upfront and highly visible issue, as well as topic of discussion - really no matter what size you were.

My mom completely missed the fat gene, and aside from pregnancies has probably never weighed more than 130 pounds - if that. Amanda and I have had similar weight struggles as teenagers and adults, but she has always been much, much smaller than me, and our bodies are “shaped” completely differently. When I woke up one day and realized I was eating myself into a early grave… she jumped on board with encouragement and some goals of her own.

Since then, which started in 2007, we have both had accomplishments… and some setbacks. At this point, we are trying to work together with a hope/goal to take the emphasis out of appearances and focus on overall “health”. One day at a time, we’re hoping to “do better” for our own wellbeing (inside and out), and to set a good example for our girls in the process. Of course, if I came out on the other end of it looking like Valerie Bertinelli did in that bikini – that’d be great too. HA!

I’m lucky. We are truly best friends, and want the best for each other. We are quite blessed that as our upbringing carried out, we never were or ever became “competitive” with each other about anything. There is no, drama about how many pounds she lost versus me, and we don’t keep notes on who went to the gym when and who didn’t, and I’m not in the dressing room trying to beat her to a size 6 (as if I even could). And thank goodness… because how exhausting would that be!

We are each other’s biggest supporters… and sometimes (while not in the spirit of sabotage) can also be each other’s biggest downfall! HA! But overall, we take turns at keeping each other on track. I might pass on some fries today that inspires her to skip them tomorrow… and vice versa. She might call me at 6:00 AM to go to the gym... when I would have otherwise slept in.

I finished the 12 weeks at UAMS in December of 2007 – just in time for Christmas. I was to start the new session in January, but the schedule wasn’t kid friendly for me, which delayed me some… and then I grew weary of the “meal replacements” and was also running out of money to pay for all the “requirements” of the program. I kept intending to go back… but I haven’t.

I have meal replacements left… they mocked me from the cabinet until I finally pulled them out last month. I kept thinking I would get them out and use them again… you know, just for a week or two. But every time I try to eat them again.. it lasts just long enough for the smell to hit me, and I walk away wondering how on earth I ever ate those for a solid 12 weeks.

However, since December of '07, making better overall choices and exercising, I have kept the 40 pounds I lost OFF, for going on over 18 months now. That is good. I’m smarter than I was then in 2007. I have pulled away from who I was then, and am keeping my head above water. Nowadays I look better, I feel better, and I am, most definitely, better. But… I know there is more I need to do - that I want to do - for me.

While an expert now at "maintaining", and just as I was thinking it might be best if I could just get through the summer without gaining any weight... I've decided why wait, and to begin again - so to speak.

So here we go.... come Monday, my sister and I both are “rededicating our efforts”. I am going to participate in the EMME group as a means of accountability and hope that that too helps keep me organized and consistent. Amanda – aren’t you glad I dragged you into this blog? HA!

I read today on Yahoo that Monday is, in fact, the best "trigger day" to start any new plans. And that most people do fare better if they start the week off fresh. So it's nice to know that it isn't just me and my ability to pracrastinate that always wants to start on Monday... it's makes sense!


Lynn said...

Girl, I love you!! I am so glad to have someone that I know and love join me! You will love all the support and encouragement that we give each other. It makes it nice to hear we are not alone. It takes a village you know!

Connie Weiss said...

Welcome to the group and congratulations on loving and keeping off 40 pounds!

I'm blogging my health and fitness journey at Fat Mommy to Hot Mommy and I look forward to supporting each other and helping you reach your goals!

Have a great week!

Tracy said...

I just loved this post. You have the biggest heart (and always have) it's nice to see time hasn't changed you one little bit.

~~Mel~~ said...

What a great post! I'm glad you'll be joining us for EM:ME.

Jerusalem said...

Girl you look great! And I am so happy that and Amanda have each other to go through this with! I know you can tackle this next part of your journey head on and I can't wait to see how great you do! You are already so beautiful inside and out and I know that the healthier you are the more you will believe it!! Love you!

J.J. said...

first of all I have to say that your profile photo is gorgeous!!!!! You sound like you have such a lovely family!!!!! I am new to your blog btw!!! :)