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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Moment To Remember...

Today was my day off. And it was lovely… I’ve had a bit of time to “regroup”, and will get one more day to do so next week as well. I have to work one weekend every five or six weeks, and am granted a day off before and after.

So, this morning after kissing everyone good-bye for the day, I ate my breakfast in peace and flipped on GMA to see what the world was up to via Charlie and Diane… and on this sad anniversary, as many others I’m sure, I could not help but reflect on where I was this day, eight years ago.

I had a very different life eight years ago. I was a secretary at a law firm – with no kids. I didn’t watch the news in the morning. Instead I watched Designing Women on Lifetime while I got dressed for work. I headed off - late, as usual - with my typical morning-drive company, Heather and DC. As I pulled on to I-630 and began to try to plug into what they were saying I realized, Heather was crying. This wasn’t funny – something was wrong. I listened all the way work… trying to figure out what had happened. They kept talking about New York, airplanes, Twin Towers… could this be an accident, or not…

When I arrived at work, my coworkers filled in the gaps… Everyone on my floor was gathered around a small T.V. in one of the attorney’s offices. We watched in silence, listening for some sort of explanation that wasn’t coming. We heard all air traffic had been grounded and a panicked mood took over. The managing partner closed the office for the day – sent everyone home. So within an hour of leaving home, I was back… glued to the TV, watching in disbelief…

Of course, we were never the same… and along with the fear and outrage that came post 9/11 – I also remember that sweet spirit of “humanity” our country seemed to suddenly have for one another. Compassion, kindness, understanding – all in abundance. We saw the world differently now … and had hearts more likely to serve and love than to judge and hate. We looked out for one another… we cared!

Of course, I'm not saying that spirit is not there now... but today, as we partake in political drama that gets downright hateful, navigate heated debates and difficult decisions about healthcare and the economy, and any of the other umpteen hundred items we could disagree on…. here is to hoping that this date serves not only as a reminder of our sorrows and suffering, but of our ability to recover and to move forward.

“Let us remember how we came together as one nation, as one people, as Americans, united not only in our grief, but in our resolve to stand with one another, to stand up for the country we all love". President Obama, from the Pentagon 09/11/2009.

And on a random side note, but along the lines of that serving spirit – you must watch this Oprah Video where she spotlights Dr. Dan and Suzie Bell, from Eureka Springs, AR. Heroes in Hard Times. This couple has started a free medical clinical in their town… Dr. Oz pays them a visit. It’s great.

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