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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks...

So it's Thanksgiving... and coming to the close of the grateful extravaganza, I'm randomly thankful for several things today.

I'm grateful for my family... for my mom and dad (a/k/a Nana and Papa), who love us no matter what (and always have), who come around "just because" and are always there when we need them (which is often), and who are constantly doting on their grandkids (even when they're acting awful).

For my sister, Amanda (a/k/a Aunt Mandy), who is my best friend, my favorite person to laugh and cry with, my biggest encourager, and a second mommie to my kids.

For my children... for Gracie, her heart of gold, her smile, and her creativity, and those perfectly timed comments that remind me she is soaking up every word I say.

For Tessa, her sweet little voice that says "I need you" when she feels like cuddling, her opinionated and independent nature that wants what she wants, and her adorable laugh that'll melt your heart.

And for Tanner, this cute new hat we got him, for that excited expression he has every morning that says "hey, great, it's you again," his wonderful sleep habits, that adorable "scoot and crawl" he's mastered, and of course, that he says "da da" all the time, but not "ma ma".

And Travis... for his personality that is the complete opposite of mine, for his sense of humor, his ability to have patience when mine is shot, that he always says he loves me before he hangs up the phone, and of course, for him just putting up with me on the many occasions where I know I have to be "put up" with.

And then, of course, my "extended family"....

I'm so grateful for the women in my life whom I'm blessed to call my friends. For their beauty, their laughter, their encouragement, their talents.... and especially their hearts. And most of all that they know me very well, and love me anyway (especially considering they're not obligated to via a genetic link).

I'm randomly grateful for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I can't help it... I love it.

For "Black Friday" ads in the paper... it's fun to dream.

For the gym being open this morning, so I could go there early and then not feel too bad about having those mashed potatoes today I simply could not say no to!

And finally, for losing THREE more pounds this week!!! WOO HOO!!

Many Blessing To All This Thanksgiving... and hopes that you have lots to be grateful for!

1 comment:

Jerusalem said...

I am thankful for you my friend! Love ya mucho-