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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jumping on the Grateful Train...

Well, since it is the official time of year to be grateful, and of course, in response to Jerusalem's grateful blogging extravaganza.... here is my first post.

I was playing around with my new IPOD tonight listening to a few songs I've always wanted to have but never wanted to spend $13 bucks on the whole album to listen to... I bought Faith Hill's "Fireflies" which is just the sweetest song... But anyway, as I was listening to it I was trying to go through some old pictures on my computer and attempt to organize some older ones into nicer/neater folders. I came across these and noticed all three of my babies enjoying the same exersaucer (and they're all about the same age in these pics).

I was remembering when we bought that exersaucer. We stumbled across it at almost half price on sale at Sears because someone had brought it back and it had no box. We were so excited to have it for Gracie, and I think it was at least another month before she could actually use it and enjoy it. As you can see, we've gotten our money's worth out of it....

I'd make you guess which baby is which, but our upgraded photo technology from Gracie to Tanner makes it pretty obvious anyway...

Here's Gracie... we still had all the toys perfectly attached when she was using it!

And Tessa... missing one or two of those toys, but still playing its music and working fine!

And of course, Tanner... by now I'd found the toys we lost when Tessa was using it, and I think only one of them is now missing.

As I clicked around in my old pictures, I'm reminded how Gracie will turn five in less than a month! In five years Trav and I went from being a "couple" to a party of five! And these three babies have been a lot alike, and yet, of course, are so different - and thank goodness!! Last night as I was knee-deep in the chaos that comes with managing the differences in the personalities of my children, my dad was reminding me how boring it would be if they were all three the same! And yes, I'd certainly agree. (Of course, there are days it sure would make it easier! - Ha!).

So, tonight I am off to bed and am very grateful for my IPOD with songs that make me smile, pictures I love and cherish, digital cameras that take better pictures for me to love and cherish, and most importantly my three adorable babies, where some things have been the same, but each of them are very special and unique!


Jerusalem said...

it never ceases to amaze me how much your babies look alike! In five more years Tanner will be Gracie's age and exersaucers will be a distant memory. Crazy huh?

team larsen said...

You are doing such a great job with your weight loss!!! Congratulations! Also, I totally love the "party of five" idea and I'm stealing it. Don't hate me! :)
I'm loving the pictures too!!