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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sweet Sixteen!

So, here are some random kid pics for you to enjoy of Gracie and Tessa being silly in the tub, and Tanner sitting up while I tell you how as of yesterday, I'm three pounds away from my "half way goal" with 37 pounds gone! Next week will by our 12 week class at UAMS where they go through and "re-do" all your original tests and measurements - I'm anxious to see how things have changed.

But speaking of "measurements"... I had put it off as long as I could, but last week I had to break down and buy some new jeans! I didn't want to rush into buying anything new because I didn't want to be disappointed if the size wasn't what I was hoping for... and plus, it's expensive! Regular size people are accustomed to Target and/or Old Navy shopping can just run out and snag a new item for less than $20... those of us who have to venture into the "special needs" shops are paying closer to $60 or more a pop. And as you can imagine, the extra costs is not for a "designer" label either...

On Black Friday Old Navy had their jeans on sale, $14.99. My sister was wanting to buy some jeans, and reminded me that I needed some as well. She assured me that I was out of the "special needs" catagory and could find something there. I was skeptical... but getting desperate. So, at 6:00 AM we braved the wild Old Navy crowd on a mission for jeans.

Now, clearly, I've been out of the fashion loop for some time... for me clothes are just "big" or "bigger", and I don't pay attention to much else. So, I was a bit overwhelmed with the jean wall extravaganza at Old Navy. There's all these types and styles I am not familiar with, the boot cut, straight leg, low rise, lowest rise, classic rise.... good grief! As I'm sorting through the Old Navy jeans, my main concern, of course, was the size... However, it turns out, there is a whole variety of things that go along with size, which I had no clue about. After 20 minutes and two failed attempts in the dressing room, I was annoyed and ready to quit.

Finally, my sister returned to "the wall" and plowed through the jeans, handed me a few, and ordered me to try them on. And much to my surprise, I finally emerged victorious fitting perfectly into a size 16! Now, granted, I realize fashion standards would typically dictate a size 16 as nothing to write home about... but the pair I abandoned for them was four sizes bigger. So... in my case, a 16 was definately very sweet!

I resisted the urge to happy dance in the check out line, but did buy two pairs! TWO pairs of pants for $30 bucks, from a regular store!! Merry Christmas to me! I've worn them three times since then and am still amazed each time I put them on and they fit!

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team larsen said...

Congratulations!!! I want you to know that I'm not typically a happy crier but I cried happy tears for you as I read your blog. You are doing an amazing job and you should be so proud!! I'm ready to see a picture of the new Tricia on here girl!