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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Same Old Lange Syne...

So... it's 2008. Hard for me to believe... so much has changed since our family ushered in 2007, and it seems the year has flown by. Our first year as a party of five has been crazy, fun, chaotic, challenging, and of course, a blessing! And in our moments of adjusting, and then readjusting, and where we struggled, but made it through - God has been so good - and our year was mostly full of much to be grateful for.

We had a very eventful New Year's Eve last year ringing in '07 with friends, where we had hoped to return this year. And as much as I hate to miss a grown up gathering with adult conversation.... Trav had to work late, Tanner and I have both been sick, and well, with all that was going on, we would probably have pulled into the party just in time to toast the new year, and head home.

So, we rented a movie, and then watched the "ball" make it's 100th descent into Time Square while little Hannah Montana and a few other random celebrity on-lookers kept chiming in about how "exciting, wonderful and amazing" it was to be there. And of course, as they carry on about it, I can't help but wonder if it really is.

It certainly looks fun - all the confetti, cheering, whooping, hollering... etc. But really the crowd is just standing there behind the barricades all night, right?? And of course, clearly, it's freezing. And then as you hear the hosts say how those people started lining up like 12 plus hours earlier... I don't know. Maybe the view from my living room isn't so bad after all....

May 2008 be full of all good things for you and yours...
with much to be grateful for.

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Tracy said...

Tricia...Surprise...it's me Tracy! Found your blog link on myspace and your family is beautiful! Our family has a blog as well..come visit!!!