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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Almost 40...

Here's a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY shout out to my mom and dad (a/k/a Nana and Papa).

They've been married 39 years today... and we celebrated with dinner, dessert, and an attempt at some family pictures. Tessa had a brief cooperative moment, but it didn't last. Bless her!

My parents were both born and raised in Mattoon, IL, and share the same birthday in August. My dad is three years older than my mom, and was actually friends with her older step-brother growing up... but somehow or another, they never met. Luckily, they did meet later when my dad worked for his uncle in a shoe store right next to a store where my mom worked.

I forget exactly how it was their paths crossed there, but my grandmother used to tell us how she remembered my dad coming home for lunch one day and saying, "Mom, I met the cutest little red head today." Three dates, and they were engaged... 39 years later, and he still thinks she's the cutest little red head.

So Happy Anniversary, Nana and Papa... and many, many, many more... We love you!