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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deck The Halls...

We got our tree up this year... albeit, somewhat different and less decorative than usual.

Our "fake tree" as Trav calls it (he would like a real tree, but I don't want the mess) that we bought about 7 years ago (pre-lit, big bargain after Christmas) died, so to speak. It's pre-lit lights, the whole point of having it, are no longer working, and Trav, though not for lack of trying, couldn't revive them.

So... we threw on some strands of colored lights (per Gracie's request, plus, I already had some), and hung our oranaments.

Ta Da!

We stuck with just the oranments this year, and left off the garland, ribbons, and the other festive things I usually try to add... this year all those just add up to more stuff for Tanner to pull off the tree and in some cases try to eat or break.

I'm going to have to step my decorations up a notch next year. We do good to have a tree and stockings hung, and Gracie is very disappointed with our lack of decorative effort. In particular, she feels very strongly that we need a wreath for the door.

She really got into the whole oranment thing this year. Her favorite is her Barbie Genevieve that her Nana got her. She was very careful to hang it high up where Tanner cannot reach. And we pulled out her homemade ornaments from her Pre-K class last year. She remembered them and was so excited to see them again.

But her favorite thing to ask about and put up is our little angel on top of the tree. We bought it the year we were married at Wal-Mart, and for whatever reason, have never bought a new one. She got it out of the box this year and turned to Tessa and said, "Be careful with this, it's very, very old." HA!

The kids hung all their oranments, and then I added my "HOPE" banner to the top that Jeru gave me a couple of years ago. It's quite appropriate for us this year... and I love it.

1 comment:

Jerusalem said...

I love it! What great memories your kids will have of decorating the tree and the very special very old angel. Lol. Love ya friend! Hope is the theme!!