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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Party, Party, Party....

So Tuesday was Gracie's big day, and we spent the whole day celebrating!

We started things off with a cupcake delivery to her and her class... which was greated with much enthusiasm.

Then... after weeks of talking about it and anticipating all that it would be, we descended upon Playtime Pizza that evening with our family, and one good friend (our beloved Cori) in tow. It was the perfect night for us to be there... a Tuesday, hardly crowded at all, AND with the buffet/entry fee on sale for $5 a person. Score!

So we arrived and had some pizza (which was really pretty good), and of course, the rest of the cupcakes....

And then we opened some presents... (Yes, Tessa got a present too, of course).

And then we played... we all played. There was go cart riding (and those things go pretty darn fast...).

And there was bowling and video game playing...

And dancing.... I think Tessa is doing her own version of "The Robot" here.

Tanner took in some ski ball...

And then in what could only be described as a "birthday miracle" Trav managed to perfectly position the hook on one of those "games" where you try to get the stuffed animal so that Gracie could push the button and drop it... and actually managed to get a stuffed dog. Now she thinks that game is "easy" and she could always walk right up and win. Great...

So we had lots of fun at the Playtime Pizza extravaganza... and even paused on the way out for a group photo (which clearly, the girls were thrilled about).

So we came, we saw, we ate, we played, we conquered... and came home exhausted!

Gracie is officially crossing more into the "big kid" territory now, and upon turning six her biggest concern is she feels quite strongly she is now old enough to ride the bus to school (which has been quite the topic of debate between her and I since school began).

I have my reasons... and without going into all of them, she's not riding the bus. I hated riding the bus, and Gracie seems to think she's really missing out by having her dad take her each day. Good grief! Oh, all this growing up.... it's fun, it's scary, it's exciting, and sometimes it's even a little sad.

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