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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Far.... So Good....

I walked into my room the other day to find Tanner (who had walked in only seconds before me) checking out the bedside lamp, using it as a drum.... If there is something there to be climbed on, he will do so.

Anyway... so just to update my earlier post - so far, so good! Two days of training at the new job, and everything looks good. No surprises and it's pretty much exactly what I expected. I've got the system down, and so now it will just be the learning process that involves remembering what each doctor likes and doesn't like, etc., etc.

The lady in charge of training wants me to work with her at the office again at least one day next week to work on some of the doctors we didn't get to these past two days. But hopefully after that they'll be ready to set me up at home.

The company seems good, the people nice, and the working arrangment (at least thus far) as presented. So, WOO HOO - NEW JOB! YEAH!!

SIDE NOTE: Let me also say that along with learning stuff at my new job these past two days, I was also reminded that I certainly do not envy those who must embark on that whole process of getting kids up, breakfast eaten, dressed, AND then themselves dressed and presentable, and have everyone out the door to where they need to be with all the things they need, before 9:00 AM (or earlier) on a daily basis.

Whew... how exhausting! And it was like my kids just knew something was different, so everyone was moving slower and didn't want to wake up (unlike most mornings where they're bouncing out of bed by 6:30). And on top of that everyone was being all "I don't wanna wear that shirt," and "Can I take my new baby pony to school today?" And of course, "Why don't we have any waffles?" Even Tanner turned his nose up to his usual favorite fruit bar and sat on the kitchen floor crying until I fixed him some oatmeal.

We survived with overall minimal issues, but it's safe to say there are several kinks to work out in our system before the time comes when we have to tackle that every morning... good grief!