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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser Sucks

Okay - forgive me, but I simply must complain about this!

In an effort to keep myself motivated on my own "working to finally lose that last 30 pounds" track, I decided to tune into the new season of The Biggest Loser. I have not watched the show consistently - just a few episodes here and there, but I knew a little bit about it, you know, familiar with Bob and Jillian, etc., etc. They claim this is their "biggest and best" season yet, but from what I saw - that show sucked! The producers should be ashamed of themselves.

They start off by introducing us to the contestants who are just completely elated to have made it on the show. I feel them... I know what they're thinking. They are thrilled to be getting this chance to finally get things under control. So after bringing them out to the ranch, excitement abounding, hopes soaring... they bring them to the gym. Only, guess what - no trainer for this first round (Bob and Jillian are not there), we want you to work out "on your own".

Well... this is where my eyebrows first started to raise. Clearly, these are not people who are going to know where to begin in the gym. I've been there... I know. And instead of giving them some guidance and encouragement right off the bat, they leave them there, alone, to feel their way around.... while all the time being watched, criticized, and openly mocked by Bob and Jillian who were watching via hidden camera. HOW RUDE! That was just dumb, and totally unnecessary.

The poor older man passed out afterwards and had to go to the hospital... maybe if they had been in there helping him instead of making fun of him from another room - that wouldn't have happened.

Anyway... after that, they did their challenge, etc., etc.... made it through the week and had their first weigh in. You thought one person would be eliminated, but instead (as a so-called twist), they sent nine people home. Each team below "the yellow line" had to send one member packing to "do this at home" with a catch being that if the team player who stayed at the ranch was still in the game after 30 days, they get to bring their partner back.

I thought it was horrible!! These people really need help, and were so excited to be getting it. They got them all excited with their hopes up, and making progress, and then just send them home? They didn't even get a chance. How disappointing! NOT NICE, NBC - NOT NICE AT ALL!

I suppose reality television isn't typically in the business of being nice or compassionate... but still... that's just wrong. I don't know if I'll keep watching or not... I'm already so annoyed. But if so, I'm pulling for this team - Kristin and Cathy - the purple team.

The daughter stayed and the mom left. The daughter (who is really needing to lose weight so she can start her family) just seemed so precious and is really trying to turn things around. I hope she wins... or at least gets to bring her mom back and they do well together.


Tracy said...

I sat there stunned as well...I understand that they needed to change things up, but still...that whole episode was harsh.

Jerusalem said...

HOW RUDE! Sheesh.