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Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To Work

So, here are a couple of pics from a birthday party last weekend of me and two of my major BFF's (the lovely Bridget and Kendra) for you to enjoy while I tell you that I'm starting a new job tomorrow! YEAH!

It's not a traditional job (so if you know me and are thinking back on my Wal-Mart venture - relax... this isn't that kind of gig). Tomorrow I start training with a local medical practice group to be one of their "as needed" transcriptionists - and it is home based!

The "PRN transcription team" (as they are called) will be me and three other people. All of their transcriptionists are home based, and because I'm technically extra and overflow help to their full-time people, I'm not required to work a certain shift. I can pick it up as much as I want, need to, or can throughout the day. Or so I've been told...

In the past, I've had a couple of medical transcription jobs that were presented in an equally lovely light, only to discover upon starting that things were actually a bit more, shall we say, complicated. So, I will be in their office training on their system tomorrow, and I'm praying I'll be set up ready to work in the next week, and that this will pan out to be as it was presented. Can you tell I'm a little jaded?

But seriously, I'm thrilled to have gotten the job. Since 2000 I've done a lot of "work at home" transcription for various entities and individuals. But I've never found the perfect arrangement where the work was steady. If it was, there has always been a glitch in there that made it sort of tricky.

My first medical transcription job was quite an adventure. My shift had to start at 5:00 AM - and I had a new baby. If I stopped typing long enough to change a diaper or even to go to the bathroom, the turn around time would get behind and my boss would panic.

My next one paid much better, and even had benefits, but because of how their work flow was handed out, you literally worked seven days a week to get enough work done to meet your required quota, AND there was a daily hour long (round trip) commute to pick up the work (nothing was digital). So... that only lasted a year.

There have been several odd jobs and projects in between, all of which were (and still are) a blessing. But I'm really hoping this will be something that will provide some steady money, within an arrangement that will work for me and my kids. We'll see...

So, I actually have to get all of us up, dressed and out the door tomorrow for me to be somewhere (not wearing pajamas) by 9:00. So on that note - Good Nite! And thank goodness they didn't want me there by 8:00!


Tracy said...

Good luck!!! I'm excited for you..let us know how it goes!

Carolyn Bakalekos said...

Hope it turns out great for you. Keep us posted.

The Merediths said...

Oh! I am excited for you! Keep us posted on how it goes from here on out!