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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Christmas... And On To 2009!

So, the most wonderful time of the year arrived at 7:00 AM Christmas morning (despite my lack of organization).

Gracie had wanted Barbie's "diamond castle" playset... but Santa did her one better (really because Santa waited too late and couldn't find one, and this other one was on sale), and so behold... the BARBIE DREAM HOUSE! Gracie's dolls couldn't be more pleased with their new residence, and Gracie is really enjoying shuffling them in and out as needed.

Tessa finally got to hold her beloved "Baby Ariel" doll that she has been wanting for at least three months. And Tanner (who didn't have a lot of specifics on his list this year) was thrilled with a Backyardigan guitar that he was not afraid to rock out on.

Then we moved on to an afternoon celebration at Nana and Papa's... with of course, more presents! These in particular were from Aunt Mandy (who is pretty much the only member of our family who really values the presentation of her gifts!).

And after our Christmas fun... and a long and busy week (especially for Trav), we said goodbye to 2008 and, as a nice switch, had dinner with adults, in a restaurant without a playground! Woo Hoo!! Thanks to Nana and Papa, we had an evening to ourselves and got to hang out with my sister, some old friends, and meet some new ones. It was great.

On the way home we decided to stop and ring in 2009 at Trav's favorite lunch spot where Jeru's sweet man (one of the many things he is known as) was playing a gig.

We have high hopes for 2009. There are several things on the list of stuff we're praying about and are excited for. Tessa and Tanner will turn 4 and 2 in the next few months, and Trav and I will be celebrating our "mid-thirties" in there somewhere too. Ouch!

We hope to finally move forward and find/settle into a new church family somewhere.... AND Lord willing, I will FINALLY be able to begin nursing school in July. There's a plan, and we'll really be praying all the pieces for that fall into place. And then of course, there is still the matter of that lingering 30 pounds too...

So out with the old... as they say... and hopefully on to bigger (or in my case, smaller) and better things! Happy New Year!

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