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Friday, February 27, 2009


Well... you know I love American Idol! And on Wednesday we had a front row (well, actually a second row) seat to the David Cook show.

Woo Hoo! We got to watch him "cook it" right up close! HA!

Me and a few friends headed to C-town to bask in American Idol glory... and while, of course, he's no Jon Bon Jovi... the show was really good - and lots of fun.

The only low point for me would be that when David Cook launched into his only cover tune of the night (which was Van Halen, Hot For Teacher,) and two of the youngters with me did not IMMEDIATELY recognize it. I'm not sure either of them knew it at all! Ouch! Ghee... can you guess which two were not familiar with Van Halen....

So, Woo Hoo for David Cook! He proved his Idol "worth"! And maybe some day he'll be lucky enough to follow in Daughtry's footsteps and open for Bon Jovi!! HA!!