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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work From Home

Well, I survived my first full week with my new job! I'm catching on pretty good, and I met my personal goal for the week without any problems. In fact, it's such a perfect arrangement that I'm just sure it won't last! I'm waiting for them to call me up any second now and tell me that they're changing everything... what can I say, I am a bit of a pessimist!

But, hopefully not. So, it's been good - I'm thrilled to have found this! However, there are some adjusments we're making. To "work from home" is one of those things that people always think will be so easy. I mean, it must be, you're "at home". But alas, it is still "work". It takes a lot of self discpline (which isn't exactly my strongest quality) to turn off the distractions and focus on what you're doing - especially when one of those "distractions" is a wild, but very sweet, little boy!

Tanner has had a busy couple of weeks. An exceptional sleeper (and I mean perfect) since the day we brought him home, he has recently started protesting bedtime. When his persistent fussing and shaking his head at us didn't work, he decided he would just start climbing out of his crib. Perfect.

So... he has been tapping into his new "secret weapon" a lot this week (typically around 2:00 AM), and because I am weak... there have been a few nights we've ended up like this. (Yes, that is Trav ASLEEP next to him).

And of course, just as I'm starting this job and counting on his traditional two-hour naps during the day so I can work some more, he has also figured out that he can whip out that "secret weapon" at nap time too!

So, there have been several afternoons when he has ended up like this.

In addition to that, he is also trying to get used to my working routine (or the one I'm trying to establish). I try to work at least an hour in the mornings, if the work is available. And on the days when Tanner is home alone with me, overall, he has done fairly well. He watches Max and Ruby (his new favorite), and he will play in his room with his tools and his car. Every now and then he will come alongside my chair and give me a pitiful look, and I'll have to get up, get him some juice, a snack, restart his show, or read a quick book or two.

He does much better on the days Tessa is home with us too. She keeps him occupied.

So last week it was Friday morning, I was working, and actually having a moment where I was feeling pretty darn good about it. The kids had been playing in their room, and I had been quite productive for a while. Apparently... for a bit too long.

My computer is five steps from the door to Tanner's room, and I heard him and Tessa in there laughing and happily playing. They were really laughing.... you know, that crazy belly laugh little kids have. And then I heard Tessa singing and saying, "Make it snow, Tanner." I smiled thinking how creative and funny they were together... and then suddenly I thought, humm... I smell powder.

I emerged from my chair to find that Tanner had, indeed, made it snow.

I didn't even take a picture of the other side of the room... where there was apparently a snow storm! Oh, well... note to self: lid on powder - always closed!

1 comment:

Bugs and Sunshine said...

ok i'm thinking that whole baby powdwer is a right of passage type deal. we have dealt with that twice.

it was fun to see you last night.

whew. i've been having to repent like crazy. that was one good concert :)! haha