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Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Here's another "blog shout out" this month.
To the birthday girl today - Ms. Bridget, as Gracie and Tessa call her.

Bridget is truely one of the best... whether she's raising her boys with one hand...

While sewing some extravagant project with the other...

She is a relentless encourager to people, and never misses an opportunity to celebrate - anything, with anyone - ever!! Here she is hanging a valance (which she, of course, made) in Tanner's room before he was born.... bless her!

But most of all, she is the most devoted of friends, and the very definition of a "cheerful giver".

So to our Bridget, who loves people lavishly, and is a beautiful soul - Happy Birthday dear friend, from all your "girls"!! We love you!!


Tracy said...

I just love your posts about all your friends. I recognize Bridge from high school. That group looks like it has a lot of love and I think it's awesome that you guys do some much together and for each other....I have a blog request...how did your group get together?

Melissa Johnston said...

Very well said, Tricia! Bridget is all those things and more. Happy Birthday B!!!!