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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stop The Insanity!!

Umm, no, that's not me. But, did you see this woman on Oprah? Oprah had a "weight loss superstar show" back in December. It was to encourage people to "jumpstart" the new year, and of course, to plug her pal, Bob Green's, Living Your Best Life diet book. The show included 20 some odd people, all of whom had lost significant amounts of weight. This woman was 700 plus pounds, and lost over 500 doing it "the old fashion way" as Oprah put it, with diet and exercise.

In addition to her food addiction, this woman also smoked three packs a day - I thought it was a miracle she was even alive. Of course, as she tells it, she really wasn't living. She said that in 12 years, she thinks she may have left her small apartment less than 20 times. She's sure that in three years, she only ventured out three times.

She says her turning point was when she received a laptop as a gift and began making friends in internet chat rooms - political and academic chat rooms, where she said she could "feel free to be herself" because she knew she wouldn't be "judged and subsequently rejected at first sight." She said her chat buddies liked her and thought she was funny and interesting. They reminded her that there was someone underneath the mess she had become - someone worth saving.

I love those stories... and as I regroup to tread forward into "phase two" of my own downsizing journey, I won't be able to watch enough of those weight loss superstar shows. I love them... You know, those shows with the "if I can do it, anyone can" endings. My favorite, of course, is "Celebrity Fit Club", because aside from the inspirational aspect, there is plenty of entertaining drama to go along with it. I'm so wishing a new season was starting now.

On my other inspirational shows list, I really enjoyed the new Lifetime show, "How To Look Good Naked". I've only seen the pilot episode, but it was so fun - and informative. I bought the second episode on ITunes, but haven't watched it yet. I always hear how great "Biggest Loser" is, but I always miss the beginning and never really get into it.

I also enjoy various "weight loss" blogs and websites. My all time favorite "weight loss guru" is Susan Powter. You know, "STOP THE INSANITY!" I think I watched her infomercial when she was really popular at least 100 times. She's interesting... sort of weird and scary... but very entertaining. I love the story she tells of after losing like 70 pounds, she's pushing her two kids in the stroller through the mall when it dawns on her that her "thighs are not rubbing together." She runs about the mall, shrieking with joy about how her thighs are not touching!!

Anyway... as for me, it's time to regroup, and stop my own insanity. After reaching my first major goal... I managed to escape the holidays still fitting comfortably into my sweet 16 jeans. And while no major damage was done, no progress was made either. I've still got plenty of work left to do, and I've come too far to quit now. I've had some trouble getting back on track, but after meeting with my UAMS "advisor" last week, a "refocusing effort" is officially underway...

It's going to be a long couple of weeks. I had gotten to where I was able to "add in" certain foods, make "good" choices, etc., which I was very much enjoying. But in my "refocus" plan, I'm back to having only the meal replacements for at least the next ten days - and while they didn't seem to be so bad before, for some reason they now are just tasting like poo. :-(

But oh well.... here's to finishing what I started. Moving onward, and in my case, downward!

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