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Monday, January 7, 2008

Tagged To Be Weird...

This is an older picture of me and Miss J..... but there we are back in August. And so since Jerusalem posted her "five weird things" and tagged me for mine - here they are. And of course, there are plenty more than five, I'm sure.

1. I know the names of all the states in alphabetical order. I learned them in the fifth grade school chior in a song called "Fifty Nifty United States".... for some reason, I never forgot it - the states and that entire song. I can also name all nine of the Jacksons in chronological order and can tell you random info about the various members due to a documentary on A&E I got sucked into once years ago... but of course, no one cares! HA!

2. I'm 33, and I have worked in over 20 different places (full and part time) since I was 16. In addition to my "professional" work (as some would call it) being a legal secretary, word processor, and medical transcriptionist, I've been a lifeguard, sold shoes in three places, chased kids in two different daycares, was a seating hostess in three restaurants, worked in several retail stores (including Sears and Pottery Barn), was cashier a few times (once at Walgreens in the liquor department where I learned what a "jigger" was), have manned the reception desk for the the Trial Lawyers Association and the AR Times, and of course, have taken orders at two fast food places (DQ for two weeks, and Taco Bell for six hours).

3. I have a crooked toe...

4. I don't think I ever watched it in "prime time" when it was actually on, but I have somehow managed to see every episode of Designing Women, and when I come across them on Lifetime or Nick At Nite, I can identify the episode within seconds...

5. And finally, from 1995 to 1997 Trav and I lived in Mattoon, IL. The town where my parents grew up and married, and where I was born. A few months before I graduated and we planned to return to LR, the crappy apartment building we lived in was sold. I was in school and Trav worked the night shift at Coke - we were quite poor, and apartment options in our price range were few and far between.

So with only a few months left to live there, we rented a room in a "boarding house" of sorts that was originally the Mattoon Hospital. We, of course, paid $20 more for an extra bed and private shower... (which was the only way I was living there since community baths haven't been an option for me since summer camp).

Anyway... when I questioned the owner about the building once being the town hospital, it turns out we were residing on the maternity floor in the room that was once the hospital's delivery room... the hospital where I was born. So, if the owner was right (and his own children were born there) as it turns out, I might have once lived in the room where I was born. Totally bizzare.

And on that note... I think Heather should post her five things!!

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team larsen said...

And I was just thinking...this is strange yet interesting, But I'm glad that I don't have to think of 5 things. I don't know if that makes you a good friend or a bad friend. :) I'll get to work on it though. I'm not bringing my A game these days so it may take me a little while. Thanks for the fun!